20 minute crafter: how to make a t-shirt into a skirt.

so i started with this tutorial from "sew like my mom"...but quickly decided that 1) shirring is of the devil and 2) i wanted a less fuss waist...so i made my own tutorial for making a mens t-shirt into the worlds most comfortable skirt ever.  perfect for summer.  this skirt makes me wish i knew how to sew before i had babies because this would be THE most perfect pregnant skirt as well...i'll be making a few more to get me through the hot, hot days of summer...
all you need to make this is a mens t-shirt.  i bought a size XL...i usually buy a medium skirt or size six shorts if that will help you figure out if you need to buy bigger or smaller...the tutorial i linked to suggests going goodwill to buy mens shirt on the cheap but if i'm honest with you...the thought of making a skirt out of a used mens shirt...gives me the creepers...unless its doug's. :) but...if you have less mental issues than me...by all means hit up the goodwill.  i got the bike shirt from doug's discard pile and some shirts from target for $8 and $6...which is still a good price for a skirt. :)
you will also need some 3/4in elastic. 
24in for a small...30in for a medium...36in for a large...48in for XL...
or measure your waist and make your best guess. :)

  start by laying your shirt out flat on cutting mat...i lined my cutting guide up on the top of each sleeve...and cut to get a nice parallel (to the bottom hem) line...
 ...see...nice and straight...from that first straight line...
i cut off a couple more inches...to get the collar out of the way...
 ...next...i lined up the corner of the bottom hem...with top of the sleeve...
...and cut...repeat on the opposite side.
 you are trying to get a nice symmetrical shape.  if you want your skirt to be shorter...now is the time to trim off the inches...keep in mind that you will be folding the top over by an inch...
 stitch up the two sides...starting from the bottom...so if there is any 
wonkiness you can take even it out at the waist...jersey won't fray...so you can get close to the edge without worry of it coming unraveled. :)
 fold the top under by about an inch...you can wing it. :)
 leave and opening to slide your elastic through...
 attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and feed it through
...sew the opening shut.  
and done!
the perfect skirt!  especially if you have children who still use you as a nose rag. :)

super comfy...and easy.  it took me longer to 
write this post than it did to make this skirt. :)
now...if i can just get some sun on these legs...
and quit getting mystery bruises...i'll be in good shape. :)

i'll answer any questions in the comments. :)

in case you ever wondered...

in case you ever wondered what would happen if you emailed me and said "crystal, i want to spend this much for this kind of gift, with these kinds of things on it"....and then let me go with it...well, only the best things happen.  i ADORE those kinds of emails.  they are my favorite and usually end up with my favorite custom orders.  take this one for example...i adore it.  i love it.  i found myself thanking God for my talent as i made it.  and here's a million photos of it because i think it's so darn pretty...

i really hope the recipient will love it...and that the giver is proud to give it. 

because i am having a hard time letting it go. :)

bird stalking.

day one.
day three.
day four.
day 14. birdy birthday.
day 14. again.  my favorite photo.
day 15.  fuzzy britches.
day 16.  two days old.
day 17.  three days old and already growing feathers.

 day 18.
 day 19.
 day 20.
 day 21.  i couldn't believe how fast his feathers sprouted.
 day 22.
 day 23.
day 24. 

today is day 28.  
i went to take a photo of him but he's left the nest. 

this has been such a fun little documentary to witness.  

and such a reminder that if God knows this birds needs...
and provides for them...
how much more is He going to provide for me?

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow 
or reap or store away in barns, and yet 
your heavenly Father feeds them. 
Are you not much more valuable than they?
Matthew 6:26

tired woman walking {cause i'm not dead}

 luckily my "work" involves a lot of this...
 to make a lot of these...
so far this one is my favorite. :) and you have through tomorrow (wed) to order yourself some sassy new headbands at the pre-shop price of $5 for the elastic ones and 3 for $10 for the slipcovers. 
i've already made over 100 of them.  crazy.  wonderful.
in case you are thinking you wouldn't like them...here's a customer review for your review:

*i am in LOVE with my headbands.
they are perfect.
they fit just right
and NO headband headache!
...you are my hero
and my favorite* 
~from one of my darling customers. :)

 we started a new tradition for birthdays/holidays at our house.  i took moses into the dollar store and told him he could pick ANY three things he wanted to buy to give his dad for his birthday.  and then i refrained from interfering with his choices. :) the result?  one pink flamingo, one pair of sunglasses and one pack of gummi candy.  plus one VERY proud boy. :) 
 so help me.  i swear i hear 
"moOOOOOOooom, hoho's naked!!" 
more times than any mother should.  
is this what it is like to raise a feral, wild child?
yes, hoho is smiling in this photo.
 mothers day was awesome.  
uncle b came down and took the boys for several hours...while doug and i went to lunch at chipotle ALONE...and then we went to all the shops that are a pain to take our kids to...like anthropology...where i added to my latte bowl collection.  the bowls above were a gift from doug for mothers day...bowls to me are flowers to most girls. :)
 moses painted this in preschool for me...love, love, LOVE. :)
 and i'm working on a teacher gift involving theses guys...stay tuned. :)
 and i am pretty pleased that i feel like i have finally mastered hand lettering
...this photo makes me happy. :)

basically...life is busy...crazy...days flying by before i know it...i don't have a lot on my plate...i have several large platters...and i need to tuck some naps into my days. :) 

but God is good...my life is blessed...

how are you?

a letter to twitter.

dear twitter, 
i have to say that i don't understand our relationship.  from what others told me about you, i expected so much more.  instead, this all feels so one sided and narcissistic.  you make me feel old and incompetent.  you make me want to sit on the front porch in a rocking chair and shake my cane at the kids driving too fast on my street.  you make me want to say things like "whipper snappers", "young folk" and "dadgummit".  

maybe your best characteristics are hidden from me...which is totally possible because even after all these weeks i only just figured out how to find out if i was "mentioned" in a tweet. 

perhaps you also possess special time compression abilities that i have yet to find?  i say this because of the amazing number of people i have found on twitter who swore off facebook with great pomp and circumstance because it was a "huge time waster" yet i find them happily tweeting away dozens of times in a day...it only makes sense that dozens of tweets would take less than a facebook status update.   right?  can you direct me to this feature?

you also seem really impersonal to me...at least with facebook i get to see photos of your kids and family and feel like i am connected with your life a little...it seems hard to get to know you 140 characters at a time.  with facebook it seems i am talking more with a person.  with twitter, i feel like i am talking to a computer.  

and to be honest...it creeps me out that all tweets are saved in the national archives.  

and if i want to be narcissistic...well...my blog gives me plenty of that and i am happy to spill my brain out in a few blog posts per week...but i have yet to find the perk to gushing out every thought that comes to mind...or reading everyone else's either... 

i guess all of this is to say...i'm not sure we're going to make it, dadgummit.

#ithinkweneedsomespace #youarenotasawesomeasyouthink 
#youarefullofyourself #oldpeoplerock

love, me

happy mudders day.

i'm convinced that being a mother is the best way to learn unconditional love. what other relationship starts with the humbling act of exposing your girly bits to a stranger (delivery of baby) and leads to you being puked on, pooped on, exposed in public (nursing), drooled on, screamed at, hit at times, made crazy in moments, having all of your clothes ruined, not to mention your body...and still ends in you loving a creature more than you ever thought possible. i adore my boys and i would take all of this and more for the honor of raising God's children. 

happy mudders day! (as spoken by moses)


spread love.

you can get these darling free printables from kind over matter.  
complement one HERE...positive thoughts one HERE.
while you are there...take a peek around. :) pure happiness. 

be sure to check out her freebie page too...total 
inspiration to go do something nice.  right now. 

i'm tempted to print off a bunch and hang one on every bulletin board i find. 

i hope your mothers day is lovely. :) this holiday is usually a tough one for me...but this year, i am brave enough to say...my heart is healing...and God has been reminding me of all of the wonderful women God has put in my life to mother me...so many wonderful, lovely, Godly women...where there is a void...our Father fills it.  a happy heart is the best gift this year.

and though i haven't mentioned house stuff here lately...we've been busy...we put our house on the market...for sale by owner...and within 12 hours we had a showing...and the realtor said her client LOVED it...so much so that he brought his wife back the same night to show her...that was Friday...so we are waiting to hear more...so if you pray for me (and it brings my heart SO much joy to know that many of you do) could you pray for this situation...we feel we have peace whatever happens...so God's will be done...but i would love for step one of moving home to be complete. :)
and...if you would like to order a hot mess head band...or a set of minis...i'll accept pre-shop orders for a couple more days...after that the prices will be going up a bit. :) the one above is called "the betsy"...as in betsy ross...hello memorial day and 4th of July. :) 

and with that...i've already stayed up way later than i wanted to.

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