trick or treat.

Trick or treating was SO fun. 
The boys are at just the perfect age.
Also the perfect age for looking like it pains you to have your mother take a photo of you in costume.
 This is what I get when I say "act like you like each other" (which they do).
Aaron with these wings = dangerous.  He believes with his whole self that having them on = he can fly.  And he tries.  Across the the the dining room table...
 And he's off.
We really had a great time. 
Aaron did perfectly when he was handed candy.  When a bowl full was presented to him he treated it like an all you can eat buffet. :)  He was participating in such behavior when a blog reader I've never met said "Hey I know you!".  Hi Julie! It was good to meet you...I'm so glad you outed yourself to say hello.  Sorry for the little piggy in your candy trough. :)

Just a little follow up to my trick or treating post a few days ago.  Here's a great link to a History channel article about the origins of Trick or treating.  Which I think proves that it is what you make it.  And we choose to make it fun and silly and about seeing and interacting with people in our community. 

And I will leave you on a funny note...
We were out to dinner with the boys before trick or treating at the mall the other day.  The boys were anxious and a little crazy...not sitting still and be bopping all around.  At one point I leaned over the table, got Moses' attention and said "Moses...NOP!".  I said nop.  Like it was a real word.  Though in my head I was saying "knock it off" or "stop" it came out NOP...or KNOP I guess would be the correct spelling.  Either way it proves these little minions are doing their part meld my brain cells.  All I could think since then it "dang it, I graduated from college.  WITH HONORS.  And I've lost the ability to speak English"...

Hope your day is a HAPPY ONE!  Enjoy the pillaging of your children's candy!


Anonymous said...

Knop! That is something my child would actually believe was a real word. Thanks for sharing the funny story!

amanda said...

He looks like he can fly with those wings on!

Why is it that costumes + picture-taking = weird facial expressions?

glad y'all had a fun time!

maybe just make NOP a word. google is a verb now, so maybe it'll catch on!

Happy Hodge Podge said...

LOL, I have found myself if the "NOP" situation more than once. It usually ends up in a gigglefest between myself and my daughter that makes us both forget what she was supposed to be NOPPING! (However, she's 12, so I never live it down; to the point that even when I chaperone field trips, her classmates know the story and chime in their 2 cents!)

Unknown said...

You have some very cute trick or treaters! And knop totally makes sense...maybe you'll start using it now as a secret code for Stop :) As always, I enjoy your blog...just haven't commented in quite some time.

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