making a list.

In case you were is how I feel at the moment.
I just need a few good solid days of working and I think I can get all things under control.
November has 40 days right?  That should do it.
I feel like for every one thing I mark off of my list, I add three. 
But I refuse to stop will get done!
Do you elf on the shelf?  We just started this year...the boys LOVE waking up in the morning to find out what our naughty elf Porkchop is up to.  (five points to you if you can connect the dots for the random elf name.

I've been having awesome luck at the Goodwill I have started listing a few items on my ebay.  You can check out all that I have on my Ebay page HERE.  In addition to some vintage goodness (which hopefully will continue to be added to), I've also listed my Cricut Expression, that I never ever use.  It's in almost new condition and could totally be given as a gift. :)

And a question for super saver sister in law has convinced me to start couponing (after coming home from CVS with bags full of FREE (good) things).  She turned me on to Hip2Save.  What's your favorite coupon site?  Method?  I'm a newbie and I would love some help getting started. :)

Also, now that Thanksgiving crazy has passed...could you take a moment to donate to my charity:water site?  You can click on the bottle over to the right.  I've only had TWO donations...which I am chalking up to it being Thanksgiving...but now that it's over...can you take a moment and give $10?  As it stands you have great odds to win a prize. :)

OK...that's it.  Homework: Do you elf?  Ideas? Do you coupon?  Resources?  Can you give $10?  Bottle on the right. :)



Kaden Epstein said...

I "elf"...and the kids love it... and if the elf "forgets to move" (it happens you know...) just say..."Somebody must have touched him yesterday..."

I coupon...with Grocery Game... but I'd love to try something else!

Ben and Taryn said...

Yes we elf on the shelf. This will be our 3rd year and my kids are so excited about him coming.

jonahbonah said...

i do coupon! and i LOVE CVS! CVS and Publix are my favorite places to coupon. {but, until i move back to florida i don't have either store close-by}

when i was couponing regularly i used and also, is a good one.

i have a binder with baseball card sleeves that i organize my coupons in. i find it to be so much easier than the accordian style organizers.

you are good at everything you do. i predict you to be an excellent couponer! especially if you have a CVS nearby!

and, i only $9.xx in my paypal account. as soon as i have $10 i'll donate to your charity:water campaign!!!

Meg said...

This will be our first year elfing! I'm very excited. I think Emma will be our Head Elf though...I keep hearing her tell her brothers that they are on the naughty list! I pretend I don't hear...

I think Porkchop...might have something to do with that cute pig in Toy Story...not sure...but having a house full of boys myself that would be my 7 degrees of separation :)


April@MySacredSojourn said...

Do I "elf"? I guess not because I've never even heard of it! Our daughter is only 1-1/2 years old, so I'll have to check into it...sounds fun!!

Do I coupon? I'm a newbie, too. I have no idea how to actually make it work because it seems like I'm spending more money than if I just bought the store brand. But I DO stock up when I find things on sale (without coupons). For instance, 2 weeks ago I got a ton of canned tomato products (sauce, diced, crushed, with chilis added, etc.) for 25c a can because the store had a great sale. So I pay close attention to store ads and unadvertised sales and when it's a good price, I make sure I grab TONS to hold us over until the next sale. Other than that, I'm still working on ways to save on our food budget because even with that, it's a little out of control.

Water? I'll have to have to Sweet Hubby do that, but count me in! :)

Stepheny said...

Porkchop was Doug Funny's dog's name!

We elf. Have been for 3 years. Our elf is named Jingle and comes back to visit every year on Thanksgiving and goes home Christmas Eve after the little one goes to sleep.

I used to coupon lots. Until the local stores that made it worthwhile changed their policies and the deals are no longer as good. I had the baseball sleeve/binder set up as well. I still passively coupon, but it's not a "hobby" like it used to be.

mwc liz said...

I really like, she has lots of freebie coupons and links to places where you can download or print coupons and matches deals up for you at target, kroger, safeway, publix, cvs, walgreens and lots of other places so you know what is on sale for the best price. She also has lots of information like a master list that shows what a really good sale price would be for almost any item and she indicates throughout the site if it is a price good enough to stock up for 6 months, 3 months or 1 month. I also use the baseball card sleeves in a binder but I don't really love it. Its a good way to keep everyhting very organized but I find I spend a lot of time trying to get them all in the sleeves in the right places. I am moving to keeping them in a plastic file folder tub with manilla folders (sealed on the sides) for groups of coupons. I make my list each week and go through my coupons then move them into envelopes broken down by store and how many transactions I will have.

Katie said...

I'm a HUGE couponer! Got into it about a year ago and have saved my family a ton. Went from spending $800-$1k per month on groceries and tolietries for my family of 5, down to $450 now! I have some favorite blogs like...

I also started my own blog about my journey through couponing and living a frugal life. Our goal is to become debt free and live a more simply life. i am not as consistent on posting as I had hoped, but i am still a newbie blogger.

don't elf, but considering it with 3 rowdy kids :)

love your blog, found it a few weeks ago and read it weekly! thanks!

b3designs said...

Elves: YES, absolutely. Their popping popcorn tonight and leaving a total mess in the kitchen. Cutter, Berkus, Sarafina and Cici also made a zip line from the chandelier to the kitchen oven and had fun all night long playing on it ~ hee hee You can look up your stores in your area. See what's on sale, sort by the best deals, she even lists out coupons you can use and when/where they were printer/published. She's my weekly go to and IT'S FREE. Never ever use a coupon from Sunday's paper in the store that week. The store prices may be on sale, but it's not the rock bottom sale price. Also check out and there's a list of the scheduled coupon runs. Not every week provides coupons, and not every week provides good coupons. This will give you an idea of when to buy extra papers for the great coupon deals. I have a small stockpile of free or no more than $.45 of deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, razors. I also stockpile when ketchup, dressings, syrup, cereal, soup, etc. is on super deep sale. And of course you know at Target you can use one of their coupons along with a manufacturer's coupon for the best savings. Good luck, it's well worth it, esp. as your boys get bigger.

Coupon Codes said...

i do coupon! what's more, i LOVE CVS! CVS and Publix are my most loved spots to coupon. {but, until i move back to florida i don't have either store close-by}

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