working backwards.

Instagram photos are perfect for my life right now.
I feel like I barely have an instant to spare and I am taking photos on the run.
Here's what's been going on the last seven days...working backwards.
Fall has arrived here in Virgina.  
You can taste it and smell it. 
It's pretty glorious here.
We went home for the weekend. 
 Hoho was forced to wear this (adorable) hat.
We went to the Highlander festival at Radford University (my alma mater).
It was COLD.  
 Aunt Jen saved the day by showing up with tons of hats and scarves and warm things in tow.

Despite the frigid temps Moses was a happy, happy boy.

And this one excused himself for a nap in the car.  Over funned?  I think so.

This is part of the chain reaction STILL going on in my house.
Everything has shifted and moved.
I wish I had done this forever ago.
I hung this TV. 
While my husband watched football on it.
I'll be expecting a "awesome wife of the year". 
We took the boys to meet my in-laws at Luray Caverns.  AKA batman's cave.
Moses loved it.  Aaron fell asleep in my arms.  100 feet underground. 
I'm making progress in here.
Every day I must put away like fifty things.  So I will get there. 
I'm trying to decide which vintage sheet to make into a skirt for that desk.
I got cupcakes in the mail from a wonderful friend.
Happy mail makes me feel loved.
We're taking advantage of sunny warm days. 
This boy is my adorable wild thing. 
Organization makes me happy. 

Life is full and good.
We are blessed much.

What have you been up to?


My name is Becka said...

Wow! Good job! So did you paint over the design on your wall? Or are you painting the design onto your wall?

nikihas3 said...

I vote for the pink and green flowered sheet for the desk skirt.

Anonymous said...

I love your colorful kitchen utensils! How fun.

I was wondering.... was the LBFgives winner announced? Maybe I missed seeing who the winner was...

Nancy said...

Your craft room is heavenly. I could just hang in there. for a long time. with a cup of coffee. Dreamy!

carly smith said...

i wanted to ask you on instagram, but tell me about the colorful plastic utensils. are they ikea? they look perfectly sized for little hands :)

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