custom order sunday.

This isn't really a custom order...but it IS my favorite thing that I created this week.  
I am getting nice and settled into my new studio and it's spurring some new creations. :) 
I am hoping to have prints of the art above but I keep hitting snags...if any of you fancy artists can help me out with how to make that happen...well I would love you for a long time. :)  
And these aren't a custom order either...just pretty.  I've added some bulk listings of these tissue cozies to the shop since it seems that every year I am asked to make some. :)

Hope your day is a lovely one. :) 


Nesha said...

Has to be my FAVORITE verse...LOVE IT X 100...would you be interested in making another one for lil ol me?

April@MySacredSojourn said...

That top piece is one of my favorite things I think I've ever seen of yours. I just love it so much! What size is it?

Holly said...

love it!

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