custom order sunday.

I thought I would start using Sundays to showcase my favorite custom order(s) of the week. 
This one by far wins this week.  A customer contacted me to create these super cute Christmas ornaments from drawings that her daughter did of all four of her grandparents. :)
How sweet will it be for that little girl to present these to her grandparents on Christmas day? 
Their own self portrait and name drawn and preserved forever from one of their favorite little ones. :)
These kinds of orders are always fun for me to do because I can just imagine how happy the recipient will be to receive them. :)
And this is my favorite custom order for myself. :)
I think I FINALLY have a true little bit funky logo.  I hope to make this appear on labels and outgoing mail and all sorts of things.
I drew out what I wanted and Meagan from Brown Pigeon did an amazing job of HAND carving my stamp. 
She made my drawing look professional and sharp and the time from ordering to receiving was amazingly fast for how great the end product is.
I just want to sit and look at it, I love it so much!

Happy Sunday to you!  I'm off to bake mini apple pies...or cream cheese bars...or sweet and salty cookies...or mini pumpkin pies...I can't decide. :)


Erica said...

Oh my goodness what a fun stamp. It's perfect.

Stephanie @ said...

First of all, what a brilliant idea for a gift!! I just love personalized gifts, especially when they come from the heart. You did an excellent job :)

Secondly, I am LOVING your logo... so cute and captures your business and the uniqueness of it perfectly, as a logo should.

Have a great Sunday!


btsoi. said...

Too cute! That stamp looks amazing.

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

Oh mylanta, how CUTE are those ornaments!! How much is it for 4 of them? Already saw your new logo on FB, but I have to tell you again.. Love it! :)

anna said...

for your cooking delight, there were lots of cans of pumpkin at Kroger on Rio hill today. They were on the first aisle near the produce.

amanda said...

AWESOME!!! both the adorably meaningful custom order AND your logo stamp! Super duper!

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