I've been busy.  Every single minute is full.  The chain reaction continues in the house.
There is not a trip up the stairs that my hands are not full of something that needs to now live elsewhere.  The new studio is coming along?  Yes, that is a question mark.
 I built my desk this weekend...and added a shelf.  And started carting all of my supplies in here from all over the house. 
 I wish I could say this was all of them.  Or even most of them.  But that would be a lie.
I have approximately 1,000 ideas for in here and through out the house. 
But the people I live with insist on things like food, baths and attention.  So it is taking a while.
 But I will get there.  Maybe.
Anyone want to come over and start in on this mess for me?
Or send coffee and chocolate to get me through? 



Tara said...

You will get there! If I was closer I'd LOVE to help. It is tough trying to keep up with a business and creating your own space. It will be so worth it when it's done :)

Jennifer said...

isn't it amazing how your belongings seem to grow when you pile them all together? I would come over if I lived closer! That kind of work is always more fun with a kindred spirit!

Jacomijn said...

I would if I could, but the coffee will be cold and stale by the time it has travelled al the way from Holland !! :o) !!!!!!!!
Looking at the pictures of your house and the way you do your things, I just know you'll make it a wonderful craft/work room !!

Artsy Matilda said...

You WILL get there. And enjoying the process is a big benefit! Wait until you see it all complete and ready to go. You will be so smitten. :-) It is going to be fabulous.

Krystle... said...

I'm in the midst of a move just 5 minutes from where I used to be. It's insane. I just unpacked my crafty stuff last night. There's more than I realized and I have a zillion ideas for it. I just need to scrape off TONS of wallpaper. Boo. I completely understand the need for coffee donations and the desires of little people to be loved and fed. Eventually, sister, it will happen. Right?

Jeanette said...

You will do something amazing and I can't wait to see it. I will I could help. Good luck!

L, M, P, W and I said...

looks like fun! isn't it great to sift and sort through stuff and rediscover all the treasures you have at your disposal? just wondering if you're on Pinterest? i know i would love your pins since you are a talented, creative, thoughtful, God-fearing Mom!
- Michelle

Retro Redux Furniture Gallery said...

Email me. I'll hook you up.

Retro Redux Furniture Gallery said...

Email me. I will hook you up. ;-)

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