a praise of the best sort.

The most wonderful thing happened this weekend...Moses, of his own choice and timing asked Jesus into his heart! Yay, Jesus! :) Yay, Moses!

We've been talking about it for some time with him, in a no pressure, whenever you feel like it's time, kind of way.   We've had long talks about Heaven and Jesus and sin and forgiveness.  I've loved that his relationship with Jesus has sprung up organically, influenced by his surroundings and family and the way we live our life.

In the last few weeks we changed our Bible routines to better suit Moses' older age...

In case you are curious or are wondering where to start:
(not saying we are any sort of authority or anything but this is what has worked for us)

Since Moses was tiny we have read "Blessings every day" with him. 
It's a short story, a Bible verse and a little prayer we would have him repeat, daily.
I think we started between one and 18 months and read that up until a few weeks ago. 
We will still read this one to Aaron but have changed our routine so that at night, before bed, Moses has a one on one devotional time with Doug every night. 

Doug and Moses read "Little visits with God" .  Each day has a story with a moral, a scripture, a questions and answer section and a prayer.  I think it's important for Moses and Doug to have this time together for so many reasons...I think it builds their relationship with each other and their own relationships with God, too.  It's a good time for father and son. 

And then, the same time we switched devotionals, we also started reading Bible stories during breakfast time from "The Beginners Bible".  We read a story or two and I answer questions that the boys (mostly Moses at this point) have.  This has just become a precious time and I love that the boys will remind me if I forget.

The point of all this?  At least for me...is to educate and foundation build for my boys.  To educate them about God and all of His wonderful awesomeness.  And to build a strong foundation that they will continue to build on for the rest of their lives.   My one consistent prayer for my boys has always been that their steps would always take them closer to Jesus and never further away...and these are the steps that I can help with.

You see,  I was saved at 18 and knew NOTHING of the Bible.  Nothing.  I mean go into a book store, go into a section that you would never buy from, pick up a random book and tell me everything you can about it.  THAT is how little I knew.  I did not know all the Bible stories that you grow up hearing year in and year out...I didn't know the songs that sang His praise...I didn't know of Noah or Moses or David or anything else.  I spent my first few years of my saved life learning the (very) basics.  Not that that is bad...but I have always felt a little behind and it was tough going to catch up (in a way) to my peers. 

And I am doing my very best to soak these sponges I call my kids with the word of God.  I want them, by 18, to know the Bible inside and out and for God's word to become their conscience.  I want our lives spent serving Him in love to be so desirous to them that their hearts bend in the same direction.     
And Moses' own independent choice last night makes me feel like we are heading in the right, beautiful direction. 

Yay, Jesus!  Yay, Moses!


Melissa said...

This is such a sweet and inspiring post. Thank you!

Welcome to the family, Moses!

Holly said...

awesome! congrats to Moses!

Holly said...

yay that is very exciting!! i remember how excited I was when our oldest who is now 6. asked Jesus into his heart. You are a good mom Crystal!! Keep up the good word of teaching those boys about Jesus!!! Your hubby is doing a fantastic job as well.

Erica said...

So happy for your little Moses. These are the things we parents pray for.

I too was older when I came to know Jesus, so there is a lot I'm learning as we parent two boys ourselves. Recently I've started reading, Building the Christian Family you never had: A practical guide for pioneer parents by Mary E. DeMuth. I'm not too far into the book but it's been such a blessing already.

Biz said...

Praise God!
What a wonderful moment in your family!

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

Yay Jesus... Yay Moses! So excited that we get to hang out in Heaven together someday! :)

That is such an exciting event and I hope and pray that my kids will do the same! :)

Rachel said...

This is so precious!! Moses has a new birthday! :)

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

How exciting! :)

CJ said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. YAY Jesus and Yay Moses is RIGHT!
I love to hear how you are bringing your boys up in the Lord. What a wonderful foundation!

jonahbonah said...

I still have chills! Yay, Moses!!!!!!!!

Isn't it such a special moment?

I was like you. I wasn't saved until I was 15 or 16. {I remember the exact moment, just not how old I was} I knew nothing. I have done all I can to ensure my kiddos know him from birth!

ragamuffinbeauties said...

LOVE this, yay Moses! My little guy {now 12} asked Jesus to come in his heart at 4 and two years later led his little sister {now 10} at 4 also in the 'Sinner's Prayer'. This was such a good reminder to press in...I am ecstatic that we will all be in heaven together, but I want them to be world changers for Jesus! Thank you for sharing your heart Crystal!

Kayleigh G said...

This is moving! It is amazing when a child decides to live for Jesus on their own. We are called to have a child-like faith so they are always a step ahead of us;) I love that you do this with your boys! I'm excited to start more things like this with my Kenzi (since she is getting older) and later with my Maddox. So encouraging to hear that you feel this way! Foundation and discipleship is SO important and these are the foundational years.

Yay, Moses!

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