personal WIP.

Here's what I am working on as a personal work in progress (WIP) at the moment.
It's an alphabet sampler from Rosy Little Things 
Considering that I don't know anything in the way of real embroidery/crewel work...each letter is taking an hour at least.  If embroidery is your thing, please don't tell me how terrible that is.   And please don't look too closely at my stitch work. 

Even if it's been challenging it HAS Been motivating as I only let myself work on it after I have completed at least ONE custom order (on top of my other duties). 

I'm hoping it will happily hang in the room of my soon to be niece. 
 I have a more boyish type sampler in the works too....for my soon to be born nephew. 
More on that one later.

And just a heads custom order list is growing by leaps and bounds...get yours in SOON so I can be sure to get to it! :) 

Happy almost Friday!  Today is our one day of the week that we don't HAVE to leave the house so I will be taking full advantage of staying home today. :)


sara luke said...

Gasp. I love this. Super cute. Nice work.

Jessica said...

Isn't this so much fun??!!! Maybe I'll pull mine back out to work on...I saved all the trickier (for me) letters 'till the end and have been a little intimidated, but yours is looking great and gives me hope that I can finish mine, too :)

Bethany Hammar said...

I think it looks great! Way to go! I would never have the patience for that.

amanda said...

embroidery freaks me out a little bit! so in my opinion, your stuff looks awesome!

(p.s. I found your blog from a friend quite some time ago, but rarely comment because our family blog had everything on it short of our SSN's... now I have a blog-for-me and I feel free to comment away on stranger's blogs!)

Joy Morris said...

Not sure if this has posted already or not, but I love it! What are you using for a boy sampler? I've been wanting to learn embroidery, but I'm guessing this isn't a beginner's project!

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