start now.

meg from whatever reminded me about something i have been meaning to do forever.
and that is to start on my operation Christmas child boxes EARLY.
this year my boys are really old enough to understand (or start to understand) how very fortunate they are and to begin to help them learn how to focus on others at Christmastime and all year round.
this year I plan on helping them each put a box together.
talking about misfortune and poverty with them.
and explaining to them how this box of gifts may go to a little boy just like them who has never gotten another gift.
i plan on letting them choose an item each time we go to target...or every other time at least, so that come November all the shopping is done.  no stress.
and we would have been talking about and praying for the recipients for months.
my goal is for it to be more than a box of stuff...but a blessing to another and the beginning of shaping my little boys hearts to be sensitive to the needs of others.
we started our boxes with markers and crayons from target.  at insanely cheap prices.
.99 for markers and .40 for crayons.  i am putting them in an area of the house where i will see them all the time so i won't forget.  won't you start with us?
and speaking of my little characters.
here they are.
donning new disguises for their annual production of a birthday song for their beloved bop bop.
moses wore his for our entire shopping trip.
they were worth buying for all the grandmas he made smile.
for your viewing pleasure, here's the video we sent him.
at the end moses exclaims "yoooouuuur 84!!!" which he is not.  but it's funny.

happy birthday bop bop!


MargaretB said...

This is definitely a great idea. Last year, I organized an event for the kids at our church to have a 'christmas in july' party and stuff shoe boxes for operation christmas child. Kids are never really too young to begin to understand how blessed they are and how there are others in our world (and in our city) that aren't as fortunate. Great post and reminder! My son is almost three and we are constantly looking for ways to help him understand kindness and I can't wait to stuff a shoebox with him this year!

Megan Bruch said...

I love to see you're starting your boxes early! We always do that, too. You get such great deals this time of year! And by the way, I work for Samaritan's Purse, and we have a great DVD with lots of good info and footage - I think the boys might like it. I'm going to show my boy the DVD this year and hope he "gets it." Let me know if you want one or any other materials! :)

Shanea said...

So smart to start early. I will get an early start this year too. Thanks for the encouragement!

Holly said...

I love the Christmas boxes! We are going to try and do them also. Our church is a huge provider for a local Christmas chairty called the Last Minute Toy Store. Our girls have helped in the past with it and it was so rewarding for them. Last year we raised enough money to provide toys for over 4000 kids in Nashville!

Tara said...

We just picked up flip flops at Joann Fabrics to add to our 3 boxes. We collect throughout the year to make it easier come Christmas and when items are on sale. The girls had a great time last year putting together the boxes and letters. Can't wait to follow you along this journey!

Artsy Matilda said...

PRECIOUS boys! Oh my goodness! xoxo

Jessi said...

I love that idea! We volunteer at the local childrens home every Christmas. We gather items to donate to the kids then we go in and give the gifts to the kids and sing to them and hang out with them. It is an amazing experience and it both warms my heart and saddens me that we are able to make their day but that it's only one day a year.

Jill said...

Thanks so much for sharing, I'm going to talk to my children about this today and then get right to work on it.

Em said...

I saw this over there too and thought what a great idea to actually start now instead of the night before we have to turn them in! Thanks for the tip that they are at Target :)

Jeannette said...

We started the OCC boxes a few years ago and I would always rush at the last minute but after last Christmas we started immediately getting stuff for the boxes. We tracked ours last year too and found out they went to Ghana, I showed my kids on the map (14 an 5) and they were so excited to know where they ended up. We have also started praying for these kids that will get the new boxes...... I feel blessed to be a part of this and so do my kids!!!!

ragamuffinbeauties said...

super smart you and meg are! i keep a rubbermaid drawer at the bottom of my closet to collect through out the year so it doesn't creep up on us.

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