random wishing...

my birthday is this month.
which i usually love.
but i haven't made my mind up about being 32 yet.
31 has not been exactly nice to me.
i've probably cried more for 31 than any other age...so i'm not sure what to expect of 32.
and i am not expecting a single gift this year because we just had to buy a new computer to replace one that was hit by lightening.  see 32 is already a beast.
but just for fun...here's a list of things i would run out and get in a heartbeat if a giant cardboard check showed up at my door.
this grassy charger is from thinkgeek.  love.  can totally see it sitting out on my counter hanging out with my phone and little camera.
and what is not fun about these?
red. stars.  jars.  storage. yum.
these are from ModDom on etsy.
simple sweet initial.
in c of course.  sdmariejewelry on etsy.
what is better than a narwhal?
they are all sorts of awesome on their own but put them in a jacket and bow tie and they can't be stopped.
this print is to die for from berkleyillustration on etsy.
i actually already own this.
and i adore it.
the most perfect list of family rules i have ever seen.
they sealed the deal for me at "hands are for hugging not hitting".
comes from AlexanderCreative on etsy.
super friendly and lovely shop owners.  fast shipping.
i adore everything about this print and shop.
you need one too, right?
i already own this one too...but since it's message affects nearly every day of my life...
i have to insist you go on over to Stephsayshello and get one for yourself and watch the magic happen at your house too.  you WILL find yourself thinking "yes, we will have fun today".
and my final most favorite thing at the moment.
this bracelet.
have you ever seen anything more perfect for me?
available at fancy french cologne.

can you tell that i am avoiding heavy things by posting a post like this?

what's at the top of your wish list lately?


Retro Redux Furniture Gallery said...

I concur...my birthday was Sunday and I haven't yet decided on 36. Here is wishing you many years of happiness and success...and you have a sweet and humble wish list that makes me like you even more. Cheers!

Shanea said...

Aww, try not to be too bummed out. A big fat check could be headed your way :) The winners are always so random so why not you? But if by chance you don't get that check hope you get some goodies on your special day! Happy Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I just turned 32 on the 2nd and so far I've loved my 30's- better than my twenties, but thirty-two didn't feel the same. So I died my hair purple & blue! I love it. Gave me a new way to see myself. I also have a list of 32 things to do at 32. My creativity has sparked & I am so happy. 32 will rock. It is whatever you make of it! Hang in there & enjoy your birthday. There's only one of you, and that makes you special.


Megan Bruch said...

I just put that grassy charger thing on my wishlist (via Pinterest - which you would love, I think) too! I just hit 30 about 2 months ago, and although the months leading up to it were shaky, I did okay. And I'm still going. :) Happy early birthday - maybe you'll get a few surprises.

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy those sweet boys and have them make you something for your birthday. It will mean more then anything that you can buy. Every year is a blessing. Hugs!

Rachel said...

Hi Crystal! Remember me? Yay for our 4 person bible study in college! :) I have been browsing around your blog tonight and I. love. it. You are amazing Crystal- I have always thought that. I love that I can keep up with you via your blog now and I am so inspired by your example of being a mother! Hope your birthday when it gets here is great. Love, Rachel (Kenley) :)

Artsy Matilda said...

I'm guessing since you've had such a thorough "watering" at 31, your 32nd year will be an awesome growth spurt! I hope you can enjoy every minute. Happiest of all birthdays! xoxo

sara luke said...

I want that canvas. I have to figure out where I'll put it first.

Ryan Alexander said...


Thanks so much for your kinds words! So glad you like the Family Rules!

Ryan and Marty

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