up for grabs.

i'm listing some headbands in an album on my facebook fan page...found over there------>
these are all the ladies size elastic bands.

they are $5 each plus shipping.

i will not be making anymore until august. that includes custom orders.  :)

just comment with "mine" on the photo of the headbands you want and make sure i have your paypal address to send you an invoice. :)

in august i will be using all new fabrics so this may be the last you see some of these fabrics. :)

happy shopping and happy fourth of july!! :)

1 comment:

Courtney said...

hi! just got back from africa. from getting our 2 boys. and i brought my headband things that i bought from you right before we left and they gave me such SIMPLE joy to wear on some very scary, dark days there. thank you!!!!

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