So good

Well, we made it to NJ safe, sound and without incident.

We left bright and early and snacked, dvd'd and drove along.

I think four pit stops for a 6 1/2 hour trip isn't SO bad considering all things. The boys stayed happy and loved stopping at the rest stops to collect "maps"...known to the rest of us as local attraction pamphlets.

The boys were thrilled when we finally pulled in the driveway at grandmas house.

That night I put Aaron to bed without incident. Only to go into the room an hour later to find him asleep on top of all our luggage on the other side of the room. Silly kid.

We spent the first day visiting a local playground that doug frequented as a kid...

And swimming at the boys pseudo grandmas house (otherwise known as his cousins other grandma).

The boys had a great time with their cousins...swimming, eating, swimming, eating and swimming.

Here's to praying that the rest of the week is as fun and easy!


Location:W Lakeview Trail,Wharton,United States


Tara said...

Yeah! You made it! Enjoy your vacation! You deserve it! Swimming and eating....that's my type of vacation!

ragamuffinbeauties said...

Yay you made it! Looks like a great trip so far...gotta love psuedo in laws and family, that's how we roll too. Everyone's related right?! XO

esss said...

This is my first visit here & I enjoy the warmth of your blog site.
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Holly said...

awe how fun! Have a great trip!

Kristine McKowen said...

Welcome to NJ! Right by you in Denville.

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