good morning!

it's been a busy week.
i spent each morning 8:30am to 12:30 working with 1-2 year olds for vacation Bible school.
otherwise known as a staple of the south.
i'm pretty sure that, had i a mind to...i could keep my kids in VBS from june through august.
but it totally wiped me out.  call me a wuss if you want but i haven't worked outside the house in almost five years...i think i am a bit out of practice. 
we had some of THE hottest days so far this summer.
days in the low 100's and humidity so thick you can almost cut it.
we spent those days playing in the water in some way. 
it didn't matter what we did so long as it was WET.
these boys had a great week with VBS. 
i can't believe they are both old enough to do it.
awesome and sad at the same time.
my life. 
to a t.
 two family photos in one day.  what?!
please consider this your public service announcement.
i went to the dermatologist for the first time in six years.
he found two naughty moles.
one that had to be removed immediately.
another in a couple of weeks.
that makes three in my life.
tanning is not cool.  sunscreen is awesome.
i try not to think about the "what if's" what if i never came to the doctor and...
i'm just thankful for the ability to go...and have it taken care of.
you should do the same.  please. 
you may notice some changes around here.
for one, i changed my feed in reader to be shorter.
i'm hoping this will increase my revenue.
i know that sounds completely superficial...but i get paid to blog. 
and i want to do any non annoying thing i can do to increase that revenue.
will you stick with me?
i'll be spending today, packing, cleaning and organizing.
tomorrow morning i am leaving for new jersey.
alone.  with my two kids.  for a week.  alone.  without doug. alone.
did i mention that i am going without doug?
it's a six and a half hour drive without stops.
so blogging for the next week will be sparse.
unless i can figure out how to post blog entries from my iphone.
any pointers for that?
i'll be taking lots of photos so doug and follow along with us through our week.
i'm kind of jealous of him.
alone in the house for a week.
quiet.  sleeping.  calm.


Amy said...

The Blogpress app for iPhone. I believe it's $1.99 and you can post on the go, pictures included! Have a safe trip!

Shanea said...

Safe travels, I would be jealous of him too :) Love the pics, esp. your son in a bucket? Whatever it takes, huh.

Sara said...

Good for you for getting your moles checked. I have to do that, too. I usually have at least 10 taken off each time I go. Yeah. Tanning bed for about 6 months before prom and wedding. That's all it took.

You would be miserable if you were there all week by yourself! The first day would be nice, though. Have a safe trip!

LOVE my two boys said...

safe trip!! I'm a Jersey Girl!! Where in NJ are you going?

Melissa said...

The house alone for even a few hours sounds dreamy. Contemplating making the 12 hour drive to visit home with my 2 year old. We did it when she was 6 months old, but then it was easy! Hope you have a great trip! It's always good to go home.

ragamuffinbeauties said...

I detest truncated posts...BUT, I LOVE your blog and you are the only one I click through to! :) Praying your journey to New Jersey is peaceful, safe, and full of memories! Happy weekend! XO

Angela Nash said...

Major down side to blogpress I found is that the iphone photos that go straight from that interface are HORRIBLE. You can see a couple posts I did in my blog.

If you use blogpress, I would somehow link the photos directly through Instamatic if you can, or from Instamatic by way of flickr.

Have a fun trip!

MargaretB said...

We've had some of the hottest days around here, too. We've been trying to get outside to burn energy off as early as we can, but it's been in the 90s by nine almost every morning :( Water had been our very good friend this week, too.

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