family days.

this is the busiest time of year for doug.
busier than Christmas.
we've tried to make a point of having at least one fun family day a week. 
where we do nothing but SOMEthing fun together. :)
last week we took the boys to a local safari park.
you buy buckets of feed and drive through an enormous park full of animals.
admittedly, though the boys had fun, doug and i had WAY more fun.
something about two adults screaming and laughing while bossy animals try to steal food out of your car makes for a fun time.
this guy looks nice. 
but bossy.
and these emus?
i loved the camels. 
though they would steal the entire buckets of food from you.
 another crazy bird.
once the boys found out that the animals were bossy.
and stuck their heads in the car.
the boys wanted NOTHING to do with it.
and wanted their windows UP.
but they were happy to look at the animals while doug and i fed the animals.

but these animals they were ok with.
something about being in cages i think.
you were allowed to go through the safari part as many times as you wanted.
so i talked doug into going through again.
this photo does not do this guy justice.
his rack was as wide as our car.
and the zebras were gorgesous.
is God not the best artist ever?
thankfully...on the second go round moses got up his courage.
and had a great time feeding some llamas.
 hoho still insisted on his window being UP.
 isn't Virgina the prettiest?
it was a great family day.
we ALL had a great time.


Denise said...

thank you sooo much for sharing! What a fun day! I wished we lived closer to a park like that. And yes
the zebras are gorgeous! It looks like their stripes are painted on.
Another yes - GOD IS the greatest artist ever!

JuliaVP said...

That sounds like a super fun place to visit! Wishing we had something like that in my city!

Bethany said...

I love the zebra photo! Awesome, I am dying to see real zebras. Did you know the noise they make goes "Woop woop"

I tried the coffee idea, fabulous idea and tons of coffee!

MargaretB said...

I have been wanting to take my son to one of these safari places forever...everytime I see people's photos of giant animals sticking their heads in cars, I crack up! Looks like such a fun day!

tessica said...

i lived in christiansburg/radford for almost 8 years and NEVER made it to the safari is on my to do list this summer!

Artsy Matilda said...

Such a wonderful documentary! Your photos are always exquisite! Thank you for sharing! (I don't blame Hoho for wanting his window rolled up. Some of those guys are massive to a little boy ... or a grown adult!) Aren't Emus (sp?) the wierdest looking creatures ever ~ red eyes and all! {What camera do you use?}

Kate said...

Ah! Emus are so scarey! The llamas are great though! Great images!

Shelly said...

LOL! I spent the longest time looking at the first picture trying to figure out what on earth kind of snack you were feeding your boys in those huge buckets!!!

Krystle... said...

Where is that place? We lived in VA for 5 years, Lynchburg, to be exact. The pictures make me miss it terribly. At least someone's enjoying it :)

A Little Of A Lot said...

Isn't that place the best ? I took my 2 youngest children there last month, we spend 6hrs there, LOL. My youngest was less than impressed when a bison decided to stick his big head in through our open sliding door, in her efforts to escape him she tried to go to the other side, only to be met by another coming in from the other door. I was laughing so hard I was almost crying. We love that place. R loved it so much she wants to go back again for her B'day ;)
Glad you had such a great day together

esss said...

Thank you for featuring that post. It's very close to my heart.
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TBonesMom said...

God is the best artist of all. :) And the zebra is my favorite of His creations. Zebra mamas surround their baby so the baby can learn their stripes & their sound. How amazing is that?

God is good all the time, all the time God is good. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family time!

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