do this RIGHT now.

i don't know if i am usually the bossy type.
do those people know? 
i don't know.
but i am telling you.
read this.  go to the store.  and start this RIGHT NOW.
you will be happy you did.
step one: take a pound of ground coffee (i used 8 o'clock bean). 
dump it into a huge container.  big enough to hold two gallons of water and then a bit.
add two gallons of water. mix it around to get all the grounds wet.  cover.
walk away until the next day.
the next day (at least 8-10 hours later) strain the coffee mixture through a strainer and paper towels or cheesecloth.  (look Q i bought paper towels!!! only because they didn't have cheesecloth).
this will get out all the grounds.
if you used the same container to steep and store...wash it good before putting the coffee concentrate back in there. 
put in the fridge. 
leave it alone until it is frosty cold and you are sweating buckets.
i then filled my cup with ice to the top green line and then coffee concentrate to that line too.
then added a fun creamer selection...this one was caramel macciato.
delish.  perfect.  wonderful.  awesome.  did not need to add sugar or anything else.
it went down WAYYYYYY too easy. 

iced VIA from starbucks costs $6 for six servings.
this cost me about around the same amount for ten times the servings.
and i love it more than the VIA.  and you know how much i love my starbucks.

thank you pioneer woman for changing my life.
i will make and keep this idea forever and ever and ever and ever.

you can thank me later.
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MargaretB said...

YUM! I should definitely do this for my husband--he loves iced coffee and cold brews his is a mason jar every night and then strains it with our gold filter from the coffee pot into his thermos every morning. This would definitely save him alot of time and might just win me wife of the year away from him :) Does that container fit in your fridge ok?

Ariel said...

How long is that coffee good for in the fridge...not like it would take long for my hubby and I to plow through it, but a few days???


tessica said...

i use pioneer woman's recipe for iced coffee too and i love it! i just mix mine with milk (that i wouldn't be drinking otherwise) and a tiny splash of flavored creamer usually; but last time i bought a bag of flavored coffee-hazelnut-and it is soooo good with just milk!

Meredith said...

I love this! I wish I had enough fridge space and a big enough container to keep it around all the time! It's particularly yummy with a bit of sweetened condensed milk drizzled over top or melted into just a bit of hot water and mixed into the coffee. =D

Jessica said...

oh my gosh. i am a coffee-aholic and have been looking for a good iced beverage to make at home to save a little cash. i will be making this once i am home from vacation!!! i can't wait.

carly smith said...

consider it done :)
could you give some info about how you made the norge flags? mostly how you made or found the wood it's painted on? i've been searching for something else to hang on our back deck along with the metal cross hubby got me for our anniversary and the sign i'm making.......i think a dutch flag fits the bill!!!

nikihas3 said...

Too funny! I made this last night and had my first cup this morning. It was heaven! I made mine on a much smaller scale though. I'm the only coffee drinker in my house and that much would go bad before I had a chance to drink it. The Pioneer Woman rocks!

Holly from Leaps of Faith said...

I am officially addicted to PW's iced coffee! Can't make enough of it!

Holly from Leaps of Faith said...

I am officially addicted to PW's iced coffee! Can't make enough of it!

Amy said...

YUM! I am going to try that, but I might have to wait til my aussie summer. I am to cold at the moment for iced anything

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

We've been drinking Pioneer Woman's iced coffee this week as well ... a favorite afternoon pick-me-up!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Literally just got done making it! By the way I even went and bought cheesecloth... didn't work - paper towel got out every last grain so you made the right choice! ;) ENJOY!

.jimaie.marie. said...

Ever since I saw PW's post on this in my reader I've been DYING to make it but I'm scared that if I do it will be allllllllll that I'll want to drink so I must hold off until after this baby is born. I can't wait!

CaraDee said...

Awesome. I tried pouring coffee into ice and yuck. I miss the days 12 years ago when they had coffee slushees at every convenience store. Remember those? Heaven. I will try this for sure. Thanks.

Michelle G said...

I use a french press to make my iced coffer now. I used to use the stainer with a paper towel, but the french press is much easier lasts me 3-4 days.

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