our 4th was very laid back.
two reasons. 
doug worked.
and i refuse to take my kids to see real fireworks until they learn to sleep in.
currently they wake up at 6:30am.  regardless of what time they go to bed. 
so this year, again, we laid low.
well i wasn't actually low.
we had a bad storm that knocked down our neighbors gutter which was connected to ours.
as long as we have lived here the owners have never taken great care of their side...and our side paid for it.
our solution...cut it down the middle, cap our end off and be done with it.
doug and i are a good team.
one of us is not a fan of killing bugs.
one of us is not a fan of heights.
i made these for doug to take to work.
birthday cake rice krispie treats
three batches made one at a time. 
layered into the same pan.
i made time to make another cute pool robe. 

and we treated the boys to sparklers from the dollar bin at target. 
so as far as they are concerned they saw fireworks. 
and clearly, from this photo, you can tell where hoho's priorities are. :) 
and lastly. 
to celebrate reaching 1,000 facebook fans, i am giving this happy weathered sign away to one lucky fan.  hop on over to my facebook page to enter.  ---------------->

happy day to you!  xo


MargaretB said...

I love laid back holidays like this. We had friends in, but friends who appreciate being laid back as much as we do (and child-less friends who miraculously understand the need to break up our day out so our kiddo can take a nap). We ate alot of food, watched alot of movies and spent alot of time at the pool. We skipped the big fireworks, too, but lit sparklers so our kiddo got to see fireworks. And I swear, your hoho and my Max would definitely be great partners in crime--they have matching naughty smiles and shaggy blonde hair :)

Bonnie Weeks said...

I love love the rice crispy treat idea. Totally going to use it. Thanks!

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