fathers day interview {for doug from moses}

for fathers day this year, i thought i would interview moses and ask him a few questions about his favorite person.  welcome to endless spout that is moses' train of thought. :) 

what is your dad's name?

any other names he goes by?

where does your dad work?
at target.

what does he do there?
good jobs.

do you like your dad?

why do you like your dad?
because i love him a lot.

what's your favorite thing about your dad?
i like to play baseball.
that's all.

what is your dad's favorite food?
norwegian pancakes.

what is your dad's favorite color?

is your dad funny?

what is the funniest thing he has done?
walking on his hands.

is he a good dad?


because why?
because he likes lunch.

can you tell me a story about you and daddy?
actually yes.

i don't know what it's about.

my skateboard.  i got a bat for myself.  so i could play baseball with daddy.  we like to eat norwegian pancakes.  he likes blue and i like green.  we go on a special date to see cars and two.  and we also like cars one.  and that is all.

do you think your dad was a good boy when he was little?
a good boy.  he liked to smile a lot at his mom and his dad.  he like to play games with his mom and his dad.  his favorite brother was uncle eric.  he likes him because he likes cars and two the best.  and uncle eric could do whatever he wanted to do.  he cried when uncle eric hurt him. 

what does daddy think about jesus?
i think he likes him.  because i like him a lot and he likes me a lot.

what is your daddy good at?
he is good at basketball.  and he is good at making muscles.

he lived in new york city when he was little.  is new york city in the united states?  but i can tell a story about that.  uncle eric banged on the door when he was little.  he was also a little sister.  then he changed into a boy.  then uncle eric growed up.  then daddy growed up.  and then they were big kids.  and daddy likes aunt caroyln because she is his sister.

there was a little kid named doug.  and then he rode on a boat to go on his bocation.  then he went on a plane and then a bus.  then he went to uncle eric's house.  he had to ride on a plane to get there because it was way far away.

what do you want to say to daddy about fathers day?
i want to give him a skateboard, a cars and two toy and an orca.

are you glad that he is your dad?
yes.  because he loves me a lot and he likes me and likes me and likes me.

how much do you love him?
enough for 14 dump trucks of love.

happy fathers day to the best dad a moses and an aaron could ask for!


Shelly said...

LOVE it! What a great idea! I wanna see pictures when that orca is delivered to your front door!!

derekcindyterp said...

THAT is awesome... :D !!

EKJ said...

Just seeking clarification, who was the girl that turned into the boy?

Jennifer said...

Awww, 14 dump trucks of love!!! Kids are the best!

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