tired woman walking {cause i'm not dead}

 luckily my "work" involves a lot of this...
 to make a lot of these...
so far this one is my favorite. :) and you have through tomorrow (wed) to order yourself some sassy new headbands at the pre-shop price of $5 for the elastic ones and 3 for $10 for the slipcovers. 
i've already made over 100 of them.  crazy.  wonderful.
in case you are thinking you wouldn't like them...here's a customer review for your review:

*i am in LOVE with my headbands.
they are perfect.
they fit just right
and NO headband headache!
...you are my hero
and my favorite* 
~from one of my darling customers. :)

 we started a new tradition for birthdays/holidays at our house.  i took moses into the dollar store and told him he could pick ANY three things he wanted to buy to give his dad for his birthday.  and then i refrained from interfering with his choices. :) the result?  one pink flamingo, one pair of sunglasses and one pack of gummi candy.  plus one VERY proud boy. :) 
 so help me.  i swear i hear 
"moOOOOOOooom, hoho's naked!!" 
more times than any mother should.  
is this what it is like to raise a feral, wild child?
yes, hoho is smiling in this photo.
 mothers day was awesome.  
uncle b came down and took the boys for several hours...while doug and i went to lunch at chipotle ALONE...and then we went to all the shops that are a pain to take our kids to...like anthropology...where i added to my latte bowl collection.  the bowls above were a gift from doug for mothers day...bowls to me are flowers to most girls. :)
 moses painted this in preschool for me...love, love, LOVE. :)
 and i'm working on a teacher gift involving theses guys...stay tuned. :)
 and i am pretty pleased that i feel like i have finally mastered hand lettering
...this photo makes me happy. :)

basically...life is busy...crazy...days flying by before i know it...i don't have a lot on my plate...i have several large platters...and i need to tuck some naps into my days. :) 

but God is good...my life is blessed...

how are you?


Unknown said...

i absolutely love your headbands!!

Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

How old is Hoho? I have a wild feral child too, he will be 3 in September! I pray the Lord Help Me Prayer hourly, sometimes more!

Tara said...

Hello Crystal! Love the headbands! You've been busy! My daughters go to the dollar store each Christmas with the in-laws and pick my husband and I each a gift. It's amazing the thought process that goes into it. This year for Mother's Day my seven year old brought home a poster with things she filled in. The one that made me tear up was " If I could buy my mom anything in the world, I'd buy her....a piece of fabric. She knows me too well! I posted about your blog today. Come visit!

Theresa said...

Love that stitchery in the last photo. My daughter would absolutely love those headbands. Do you ship to Canada??

My son is 9 and we just got him to stop roaming around the house in his underwear. Seriously, from the time he could walk he would strip off everything minus the underwear. It was always a scramble when someone came to the door,"Hurry, Jack, get dressed!" Gotta say I am glad he wasn't naked! Maybe your son has aspirations to be a nudist one day~LOL! Darn that Adam and Eve.

EmbellishedbyEmily said...

Hello Crystal! How can I possibly order these darling headbands? Do I need to go through Etsy??



Abbie said...

i was looking at your fabric pieces that you use for headbands...and i think you should make a set that slide around a glass to use as a condensation catcher. forget coasters, my glasses wear skirts :) Just an idea

Angela Nash said...

Love the birthday gifts and your wild Hoho!

But that lettering is amazing! Is it stitched? And whatever it is, how did you do it?!

Jennifer said...

I was laughing out loud at your bowls! I love bowls too and have more than any one person should. That, and plates on the wall.

How's your workout routine going?

Blaine said...

I LOVE this post. Thank you for posting, it always brings me a smile to read your blog.
Your embroidery looks amazing. I am always so impressed that you get so much DONE. I feel like I can never finish anything I start.


Aurora said...

This post was perfect timing...my hubbys birthday is tomorrow and I am now going to take my daughter to the dollar store to choose some gifts. Love it! {LOVE the headbands too! Adorable!}

derekcindyterp said...

All I got to say is I think that's the worlds cutest little handbag on the first pic. All I gotta say... :D

Emily Herod said...

I just ordered three of your headband slipcovers and they came in the mail yesterday! I LOVE THEM! So cute, so creative, and they have so many different colors...I'll be able to wear them with any outfit I put together. Thanks so much!

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