teacher gifts = done.

moses has had amazingly wonderful teachers this year.
i am always amazed when i see people who LOVE what they do...and these ladies most definitely do.
moses loves them...but i think i will be more sad than he will to say good-bye.
i wanted to give them something to thank them for all their hard work...here's what i came up with:

bucket from the 2.50 section at target.
free printable from eighteen25.
spray painted mason jars.
flower tutorials coming next week.
"thanks for helping moses bloom" tags free from skip to my lou
frame $4 from target.
dino succulent planter.  how to found HERE. 

awesome teachers...hard to find. :)



wifeogeek said...

Being a teacher myself (high school) this is a AWESOME gift! The cheerful colors are exactly what teachers need this time of year. Lucky them!

Unknown said...

Those teachers are going to be feelin' the love, I think. My #2 daughter just graduated from college with an education degree and is moving to Austin next week to take a position as a preschool teacher (with livable wage, 401k, insurance, doing what she loves!!!) and I think she will inspire that kind of love from her kids and their parents.


Peggy Rice said...

So cute!!!!

Danett said...

Super cute and the teachers are going to love them! I can't wait to find out how to make those!

Kristi said...

So cute! Lucky teachers. I love my kids' teachers too! I just posted one of the gifts I made and will have to take pics and post the gift I made for the other teacher. Come over and see. I don't post much, but you might like this one.

Smilie girl said...

I'm sure these will be much appreciated. They look fantastic! Good teachers are the best. A teacher told us the other day that 40% of the student's experience of school, be it good or bad, is down to teachers. So, hooray for great teachers!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

they turned out so cute!
i'm so glad you added the link about the printable from 1825. i'm headed over to get one for my boy's teacher :)

MargaretB said...

Such a great idea! The school I worked at last year had the sweetest parent group ever and thoughtful gifts like these were definitely the most memorable. Parents like you definitely make working with kiddos even more fulfilling :)

Shanea said...

Great gift! I teach and would LOVE to receive such a thoughtful gift. Love your blog!!!

Amy said...

I just made clipboards with that print tonight!

jill funkhouser said...

Can't wait to make the flowers! I love it!

SoSoBella said...

that is the cutest printable EVER!!!!
thank you.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

how stinkin cute!!! love that you used the printable!! :)

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