some of you have questions about the hot mess minis.

here are some answers:
mini's are meant to be slipcovers for skinny plastic headbands that you can find anywhere.  
i do not include them.

they slide on and off so you can change it up whenever you would like. 
they stay put.  i wear them and can assure you they do. :) 

you may claim as many sets as you would like.  
you can go through the whole album if you like and comment "mine" on every set. 
that would be awesome. :) 

they are 3 for $10 plus $3 shipping. 
i will send you a paypal invoice once you send me your paypal email address. 

any other questions? 

see you HERE at 7:30pm EST. 



gabbyfek said...

oh man.
now i need to set an alarm for 7:30!!! eeeeeeeeeek.

Holly said...

the minis are so cute! Now if I could talk my girls into wearing headbands again!

Kali said...

any chance they could be put on stretchy headbands like the full size one?

Chelsea said...

I would love to buy some of these mini's but I am not a facebook user. Will you have them available somewhere else soon? Or is there a way I can order them without using facebook now that I am overlooking? Thank you very much, have a good day! - Chelsea

Karen said...

shocking number of minis!!!

Courtney said...

i can NOT figure out how to comment on a picture. i'd love #35 if you get this before someone comments on it. my paypal email is no worries if someone else gets it. (is it just $3 shipping for the set? even though it's 2 sets?)

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