hot mess.

hi friends...just a heads of tonight (after a few hours of sewing) i will be caught up with hot mess head band orders...which means it's the perfect time to email me to order some! :)

i'll be taking new orders until NEXT monday...and then i won't be taking anymore until mid-june. :) 

the prices are still $5 for the original
3 for $10 for the mini's
and 3 for $10 for the teeny tiny messes

by the end of the night i will have made OVER a 100 of them

the mini's are my FAVORITE...slip them onto a headband with a ponytail and it looks like you tried. :) 

here are some of my current favorites. :) 
i can accomodate almost any color combo request. :) 
little girls and teens are loving them too!
i'll be waiting for your email. :) 
(ricracandpompoms @
no spaces



Tameeka said...

Hehe! I am stalking my mailbox for my order! I am secretly hoping that that yellow and grey one is mine!! Eek love love! And wow over 1000? I wonder if there is a record for that one? :) meeka xo

Amy said...

I love these, but I'm having a hard time picturing how the regular and mini look on. Are there pictures comparing the two on someone's head? :)

JulzVP said...

Which sizes come with headbands? Or are they all meant to add to headbands that we have?

Karen said...

I just so adore the gray-yellow combination!

I packed my headband w/mini in my race bag for after the Pgh Marathon and I looked super cute in pics after :) Well, the mini did at least!

virginia said...

so cute! i love the name of them, it makes me play this in my head every time i see this. :0)it's pretty silly

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