i want you to know something.
i am thankful for you.
i am thankful for your support as a reader.
i'm thankful when you comment or email.
i'm thankful when you just stalk (but i wish you wouldn't...i don't bite you know)
i'm thankful when you support my dream job.  (taking care of my littles while sewing for a living).
i'm thankful when you send me notes in the mail sometimes with a "little something" to say thank you.
i'm thankful to be able to share with you.
i just thought you should know.
i don't want you to think i take you for granted.
i know there are a lot better blogs out there.
ones that are always happy and cheerful.
i'm thankful you keep coming back.
so thanks for that.
i just wanted you to know.
i'm thankful when you indulge my need to share photos of my youngest son with pigtails.
you are awesome. 
and i want to be sure that you know that.
doug has been working a lot.
so i have been sewing a lot.
that is my secret to getting a lot done.
at 7pm all of my boys are in bed.
then i stay up way too late.
sewing and watching documentaries on netflix.  can you recommend any good ones?  
i have this crazy need to be doing something productive while watching tv. 
i can't stand the thought of throwing hours out the window with nothing to show for it.
so i sew.
or knit.
or crochet.
and tonight i will be doing just that.
sewing a butt load of minis. (butt load is more than a gallon less than a bushel)
that you can claim.
i will post them in an album on my facebook fan page found HERE.
all you have to do is comment with "mine" and make sure i get your paypal email address.
i will do this at 7:30 pm on Monday night.
and then i won't be making anymore until mid-june.
i will be taking a break until then.
i will still blog.
(this set of mini's is still available on the lbf fb page)
but instead of sewing for profit i will be:
making teacher gifts.
making these cupcakes for the end of the school year party.
i'll be making these cookies because i want to.
i'll be working on all my personal sewing projects that are piling up.
i'll be making cake batter rice krispie treats.
catching up on reading THIS and THIS.
working on flower week.
playing with my littles.
just being.

i'll see you HERE.  at 7:30 pm on monday.  to get your own set of mini's.  

until then...i hope your sunday is awesome.  and that you realize that you are awesome too.


derekcindyterp said...

and she says there are a lot of better blogs our there...PFFFT!! ;)
Have a blessed Sunday!! I know I am....

Kali said...

your boys are cute! your stuff is cute! and i can't wait for flower week...thanks for doing the tutorials!

Abbie said...

i recommed the documentaries Fathead and The Business of Being Born. I really like them both. Keep up the good work!

Jennifer said...

I am terribly curious about the cake batter rice krispie treats. They are two of my *favorite* things!

Ben and Taryn said...

Cake batter rice krispy treats!?!? I must know more!

Jacomijn said...


gevayandmatt said...

Crystal are the minis meant for stretchy headbands or can you slide them onto the the U-shaped ones? My head is "flatish" :) in the back the the stretchy ones ride up!

Kim said...

I love when a post of yours pops up in my reader, it makes me happy! (even when they are serious posts) I just watched the inside job a documentary on the finiancial crisis. If you haven't watched it already the Ken Burns National Park one is good, not exactly what I expected but I enjoyed it, it is also easily segmented which is good since it's like 10 hours long!

gabbyfek said...

love you.
and your headbands.
oh and everything else in this post.

Elise said...

LOVE that pic of Hoho with piggytails-sooo cute!!! I watched a documentary of Mormons that was interesting. Not that I am Mormon, but I find their history strangely fascinating...
Oh, I sent you an email about some minis and I'm not sure if you got it or not...If so, disregard this.

Mikimu said...

I second "The Business of Being Born"....loved that one.

April b said...

You are welcome - but really THANK YOU!

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