this song is making me happy.  
see if you can only play it once. 
i learned how to make happy party flags here at oh party.
 to put on these happy butterfly cupcakes for moses' end of the school year party.  from martha.
i made the boys new 4th of july shirts.  
the star marks our state.  
learn how to make yours on this post.
in our house, this is not a greeting.  
this is a warning from hoho that something is coming towards your head at a high speed.  
think karate not hello. 
you can learn how to make one for yourself here.
isn't this such a happy gift for a high school graduate? 
going off to college...with a towel that is obviously yours.
super happy.
these guys (salt and pepper shakers)are making me happy.
my treat to myself for all my hard, long, hours of work lately. 
and to answer a question from the previous post. 
i do have a job.  
that i work from 20-40+ per week.  depending on the time of the year.
they are from house8810.com
the packaging they come in alone will make me shop there again. 
these videos make me happy. 
one, because i love that it is warm enough to enjoy this. 
two, because we get to launch our two year old down the slip and slide.
what's making you happy?

1 comment:

Holly said...

summer time makes me happy right now! My boy has a cute little farmers tan. We have watermelon in the fridge! Love it!

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