happy things.

 i've been making lots of happy.
if you're a facebook fan you've seen lots of these lately...
messy hair day headbands...or hot mess headbands as i have taken to calling them...
(i think) they are wonderful and happy and perfect. 
they are made with happy fabric and comfy elastic. 
they are a {beautiful}hot mess.
 i've also been making loads of these...i call them hot mess slipcovers...
...they are mini-headbands that slip over regular skinny headbands...so you can interchange them at will...these are the basic version...i have even happier versions in my head.
 just a little sass...super for every day. 
 don't you love them?  i love a sassy, messy, up do and 
these are just the perfect finishing touch. 
if you want to order them before i put them in the shop i am offering them at a lower price than they will be once they hit the shop...$5 per elastic version and $10 for a set of three minis.
 email me at ricracandpompoms @ gmail.com if you want to order before they go in the shop. 
i'm happy to switch up the colors for you too.
 and if this isn't the happiest cake ever...i don't know what is.
i actually made this cake for doug to take to work today.  
i sent my husband to work with a 12in high,
six layer RAINBOW cake. 
he was thrilled. 
i was like what honey...the rainbow means 
you are sharing the gospel. 
go spread His light.
 because i wouldn't be there to see this awesome cake cut into...i made a mini one for the boys out of cupcakes.  i highly recommend lemon swiss meringue butter cream.  yummy.
 how cute is this kid?  really.  when did he get so big?  
how is one child so cute?
he won't keep his fingers out of his nose...
or his hands out of his pants...
or keep his clothes on.
but he IS cute.  and he makes me happy.
 this kid is in a questions phase.  all questions all the time.  he makes me happy. 
today he asked me
"mom, do you remember when i was a baby?  
and when i was in your tummy...and then i hatched?"

if only it was that easy, right?

your comments and emails lately make me happy.  
i have the best of the best lovely readers. 
thank you.

what's making you happy?


Elaine Welte said...

Absolutely LOVE the headbands!

Jessica said...

I needed a hot mess band today!! Love them!

Holly said...

You are so stinking creative! I love it!

Jenni said...

LOVE them! they are adorable, i could use one right now!!!!

Greta said...

Your boys are adorable!
Seems like they're about the same ages as my two oldest...3 1/2 and 20 months.

A lot of your description sounds like what our days are like :).

Marina said...

Those headbands are darling! I love the ruffles! Stopping by from Justsewsassy.com

Julie from JulieChats said...

LOVE them! My daughter is obsessed with headbands! found you on today's creative, just signed up to follow you! Great blog! Stop by when you get a chance http://juliechats.blogspot.com

Tara said...

Making me happy right now:

-loving husband, three sweet girls, my etsy shop, and spending time with lovely friends!

gabbyfek said...

well, for one thing, your headbands are making me SO happy. :)

chermonblie said...

How do you pull your hair up like that? It's super cute! I'm stuck in the mama ponytail rut! :)

Unknown said...

so i just found your blog and i love it!!!! this post is great!!
loving the head bands and your kids are adorable.

Abbie said...

forget the headbands, send me the cake! i am so excited to try it for my niece's 2nd birthday in August!

kel[E] said...

I LOVE those headbands!! Super cute.

derekcindyterp said...

What's making me happy: my 2 beautiful little girls and my handsome hubby, the sunshine!!, the many ideas in my head for sewing projects to tackle, the great blogs I read with happy Jesus talk, and the cute messages I get from the authors once in awhile...I feel like I have a new friend :D

Anonymous said...

Found you on TCB this week. OKAY, you're my new favorite blogger. Your rainbow cupcakes look amazing and I just died when I saw your headbands! Holy moly, your style is so cute and I will be devouring your blog tonight!
I personally and my blog just liked you on Facebook too!

carly smith said...

this cake makes me happy. i need to do some baking again.

Isreview said...

I love the idea of cupcakes to make a rainbow cake very creative:)

Necole said...

Your rainbow cupcakes just made me extremely happy. I think I will make them for my girls tomorrow.

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