happy mudders day.

i'm convinced that being a mother is the best way to learn unconditional love. what other relationship starts with the humbling act of exposing your girly bits to a stranger (delivery of baby) and leads to you being puked on, pooped on, exposed in public (nursing), drooled on, screamed at, hit at times, made crazy in moments, having all of your clothes ruined, not to mention your body...and still ends in you loving a creature more than you ever thought possible. i adore my boys and i would take all of this and more for the honor of raising God's children. 

happy mudders day! (as spoken by moses)

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happyfind said...

Happy Mother's Day, Crystal! BIG hugs!!!

happyfind said...

Happy Mother's Day, Crystal! BIG hugs!!!

Vera said...


Happy Mother's Day!

Jennifer said...

That picture absolutely cracks me up!! :-). I enjoy reading your blog! Happy Mother's Day!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

truest words ever.
happy mudder's day to you friend!

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