first and last

dear moses,
today is your last day of your first year of pre-school.  i'm secretly very pleased that your birthday falls after the cut-off date for kindergarten...meaning you get another year of part-time pre-school.

before i forget...because i forget a lot more than i care to admit...i want you to know some things about this school year.

this year you learned to write your name really well.  you know all of your letters and how to write them.  you learned lots of songs and fun silly dances.  you learned lots of Bible stories and made lots of art.  you had your first school performance (at Christmas) where you disappeared behind the others standing in front of you...but you sang your favorite parts with lots of pep.

i want you to know that at each parent teacher conference your teachers (mrs. woodfolk and mrs. davis) told me what a great kid you are.  mrs. woodfolk has told me repeatedly what a HAPPY and joyful kid you are.  she says that you walk in the classroom each morning just beaming with a smile and usually giggling about something.  she tells me that you are kind to your classmates, a helper and a rule follower.  she says you look out for others and enjoy playing with all of your friends.  i think that each of the parents of your friends have come to me at some point during the year to tell me how much their child loves you and talks about you.     

i cannot tell you how proud this makes me.  you ARE such a great kid and i am so pleased that others can see it.  i am so thankful that God's grace is big enough to cover the mistakes your dad and i make as parents.  i know that all the good in you comes from Him and knowing that you love Jesus makes me the most proud.

i know that you have loved school this year and i hope you will always love it...not because you don't love being at home with your parents...but because you love learning new things and being with your friends.  i pray that God can help us give you the gift of loving being at school as much as you loving being at home with us.  

just wanted you to know that we are proud of you and that we are looking forward to a FUN summer and another great school year next year.

love, your momma.

p.s.  i love these photos of you from your first and last days of have grown and changed SO much! :)



he calls me wifey said...

wow, you can definitely tell a difference in his height and face in the two shots! i think it's so cute that you wrote a little letter to him. so sweet!!

~Andrea @

Jennifer said...

WOW! He has really grown into a big boy! We take these 1st/last pictures too but I love that he is wearing the same outfit! It really highlights how much he's changed. I love to hear you say that you are glad he missed the cutoff date for kinder. My first two were smack in the middle of the school year and in school already but my third is just barely missing the date and will miss 3 yr old preschool next year. I've struggled with it and have never heard anyone say they're happy about it so that's really nice to hear. Gives me something to think about. Happy Thursday!

MargaretB said...

What a sweet post! And I totally agree about being thankful about a late birthday. My kiddo's birthday is in August and I have already been thinking about keeping him at home with me part time and doing part time preschool for an extra year--those years at home are so precious and it won't make any real difference if I wait a year, right? Cute post!

Tanna said...

What difference a year makes! Congrats.

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