family rules.

 i love the idea of having a set of family rules hanging in the house for all to a reminder of what is expected of each member of our family...though the rules i have in mind are a bit more extensive than the usual ones you see others posting in their homes...maybe by the time my boys can really read we will have outgrown some of the rules that i would currently feel the need to include...

some practical family rules for our household:
aka things i say 100 plus times a day.

be kind.
ask ONE time.
keep your hands out of your pants.
say please and thank you.
don't say pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaseeeeee in 
hopes of getting an alternative answer. 
keep your fingers out of your nose. 
no hitting.
don't talk to mom until 
she's had her coffee.
pray before you eat.
pray before you sleep.
pray when you wake up. 
actually, keep all things 
out of your nose...
same goes for ears too. 
please allow dad to actually 
step IN the door before 
attempting to climb him.
you get nothing you whine for. 
be thankful and grateful. 
 it's OK for mom to eat hot food. 
toys are not weapons.
you may not hurt someone 
just so you can kiss them 
and make up (hoho this is you!)
say "yes, mom?" or "yes, dad?" 
and not "what?"   
babies and ladies go first.
be a gentleman.
 say "i love you" a lot.
a lot. a lot.
finish what you started.

have i missed anything?


Katie said...

Can I add "no saying you're a doggie and licking people's faces" to your list?!

The Mom of 'em said...

oh, thank GOODNESS I'm not the only one saying "get your hands out of your pants!" boys!

Tanna said...

Great list. I have two boys also. Love the hands in the pants one! I am currently trying to teach the golden rule. It is really the only one you need right? Too bad they don't think things through..... My 6 yr old is struggling with the, "well he was mean to me, so that means it is okay for me to be mean to him." Teaching him that isn't how it works is the challenging part.

Trish said...

great list... i think as a mom i need one too. especially for my rough days. like don't peal out of the drive-way :)

Tracy said...

Hilarious! Reading this with my cup of coffee was the perfect way to start the day :) My 18 month old sucks his thumb and more often than not also has his finger stuck up his nose at the same time! And the ask one time rule...genius! My four year old will ask for something 5 times in a row before I even get a chance to answer! Ah, the joys of boys!

A Little Of A Lot said...

Love it. I especially like "Babies and ladies go first"

My 13 y/o son is a skater dude, has the skater hair, v neck t-shirts, skinny jeans takes his skateboard everywhere but EVERYTIME he walks into or out of a store he holds the door open for me and if he sees other women, children or elderly people coming to the dorr he'll stand back and keep it open for them too. Makes me a proud momma.
Keep up the good work, you can never start them young enough

Amy said...

I made a family rules canvas last summer. It's just colorful and happy to look at! I love some of your rules. :)

Vanessa Washburn said...

I love these rules. They give me a glimpse of what I have coming with a new baby boy in the house.

carly smith said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! brought a smile to my face :)

Rita said...

I love this! I'd add "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit", and "Don't forget to flush!!!" :)

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