cake batter krispies. {make these today!}

i'm one of those people who prefer cake batter over cake.
cookie dough over cookies.
no threat of salmonella will keep me away.
which makes these "cake batter krispie treats" even better.
no threat of illness. :)

i also like my rice krispie treats gooey-er than the standard recipe makes them.
want to know the secret?

which is really the answer to a lot of life's problems.
if you ask me.

want to make some?

you need:
6 cups of krispie rice cereal
7 tablespoons of butter
1/3 cup cake mix (HEAPing)
1 bag of mini-marshmallows (they melt better than the big ones).
1.75oz bottle of sprinkles

melt butter in large pot (i use my stock pot for easy stirring).
add mallows.
stir until they are good and melted.
add cake mix a little at a time.
stir until mixed in.
add cereal.
stir until coated.
add 2/3 of the bottle of sprinkles.
spread into a 9 by 12in pan coated with cooking spray.
spread remaining sprinkles on top.

when they have cooled completely (an hour-ish) flip them over onto a cutting board and cut with a sharp knife.

try not to eat them all in on sitting.
several of you have asked about my exercise habits lately. 
well, i am pleased to update you. 
because i am STILL AT IT. !
yes, i have no idea who has taken over my body and given me a will to exercise. 
but it's nice. 
i finished the 30 day shred.  
and never lost a single pound.  but got stronger.  built endurance. 
after i finished that, i started yoga meltdown.  i do it five days a week.
and lost ten pounds. 
i never once changed my diet.  i kind of refuse to. 
i love food.  and i have never seen a diet and thought "i could do this forever".
to me, it's all about common sense and listening to your body.  stop when your body says stop.
i just don't think dieting is good for you.  people already have a messed up view of food. 

i do avoid fast food at all costs.  i avoid processed foods as much as possible.  
i have a salad with dinner most nights.  and it's the bulk of the meal. 
i drink a lot of coffee and diet pepsi.  i try to buy whole grains.  i stop when i am full. 
i do portion control.  and stress eating.  i have a huge sweet tooth. 

so that is that.  
i'm pretty please with losing ten pounds.  especially since i thought losing ANY was impossible.  

i'm lighter now than before i had kids. 

and i will take that any day of the week. 

happy monday!

see you HERE at 7:30pm to grab some minis. :) 



Danett said...

These look yummy and my kids will love them! Thanks for the idea!!

Jamie said...

These look amazing!! When do I add the cake mix though to the mix? I didn't see that added in-- does it go in with the cereal?

Joy Morris said...

These look delicious! I too really enjoy pre-cooked baked goodies :) In college they would have various lines of food in the cafeteria (Italian bar, Mexican bar, Waffle bar, etc.). My absolute favorite by far was "cookie dough bar". They would literally scoop cookie dough into little condiment containers. Heavenly. I would horde them and sneak them back to my dorm room.

Cora Anne Designs said...

Ooh, we're celebrating my daughter's last day of preschool today, I will so be making these this afternoon!!

(and by celebrating, I mean this mumma is sobbing and in total denial that my baby has already finished her first year of preschool, so rice krispy treats are definitely in order!)

Holly said...

Those treats look so yum! I am going to make them this weekend...maybe sooner...who knows!

Ben and Taryn said...

Thanks for sharing the happy!

Megan Bruch said...

Good for you with the exercising! I often think (as I read/stalk your blog) that we are similar, and this post is no exception. I also like pre-baked goodies, and rice krispy treats? Oh, the gooier the better. But, like you,(or like the former you, I guess)I do not exercise. I want to - to be healthier...I just..don't. Hmmm...maybe I should change that soon. :) Anyway, thanks for being you.

Tara said...

I wish I had the ingredients in the house! They look so yummy! I just got done my 30 day shred workout. I'm gaining more muscle and have not lost a single pound on it either! That wasn't my goal either though. Thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

great recipe!
Looking forward to trying it

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I heard about these from a friend, maybe i'll try them this weekend!!

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