29 things.

 today is my favorite humans birthday.  
here are 29 reasons why i love him.

1. he is a GENTLEMAN.  always.
2.  he is my BEST friend.
3.  he SUPPORTS my crazy ideas.
4.  he is GOOD to his kids.
5.  he works HARD for his family.
6. he is a WONDERFUL father.
7.  he is a good son to his PARENTS.
8. he's a good BROTHER to his siblings.
9. he is handsomer than HANDSOME.
10.  he is completely STRAIGHT EDGE.
no smoking, no drinking, ever.
11.  his MEMORY is amazing.
12.  he can recite any pertinate DATE or detail to our relationship.
13.  he remembers what i wore on our FIRST date.
14.  the piece of paper i first gave him my number on 
is still carried by him in his WALLET.
15.  the first mixed cd i made him has a permanent place in 
slot ONE of his six cd changer in his car.
16.  he always keeps his WORD.
17.  INTEGRITY is important to him.
18. GOD is his center.
19.  he teaches his boys about JESUS.
20.  everyone loves DOUG
21.  we can communicate without TALKING.
22.  he's a good EXAMPLE to all he meets.
23.  he's a good FRIEND to all who need him. 
24.  my boys could grow up to be JUST like him
and that would be wonderful.
25. he LOVES me.  as is. 
26.  he ENCOURAGES my creativity.
27.  he makes any situation FUN.
28.  he is FUNNY and he gets my humor.
29.  he is that most wonderful HUSBAND, father, friend
and person that i have ever met or known.  
i miss him when he is gone and love every 
minute that he is home.  there is not 
one thing i would ever change about him.  

happy birthday honey! :) i love you!


Karen said...

Sounds like a keeper ;) Happy birthday to him and many happy returns!

Tracy said...

Our hubbies sound a lot alike. I'm glad there is another woman out there that is as blessed as I am!

Theresa said...

All that and only 29...he is definately a keeper.

Janna said...

I love it! I could copy and paste this for my hubby!! All except the memory part *wink*! Happy birthday to him and give him an extra hug because he's such a good guy. Love seeing when there are super duper awesome guys out there, that know how to treat a woman! God bless you and your family.

Smilie girl said...

Happy birthday to Doug. Fab list.

Kindra said...

Crystal, I awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. Love your blog and your faith that you share with so many! http://gardenofeden-craftsfamily.blogspot.com/2011/05/versatile-blogger-award.html

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