things made this weekend.

 this weekend went by in a flash.  
the good ones always do. 
the good news is that we packed it full of goodness.  
 sunday afternoon i set to making cupcakes for doug to take to work.  :)
yes doug.  to work.  with adults.  
every sunday i make him some form of goodie to take to work to share with his coworkers during their long monday meetings.  it's my way of serving my husband in a proverbs 31 kind of way.  
this week he gets to bring "eggs in a nest" and "lamb" cupcakes because that is what i am making this week to take to moses' preschool party at school. :)   
the tutorial for these can be found over at cookies and cups
 and yes.  my sheep look a bit more frightened than hers...but still cute.  i hope.  i think when i make these again later in the week i'll be sure to lower the ears a bit...maybe that will help.
and some women get excited over shoes...or purses...or jewelry.  
me?  cupcake carriers.  on sale.  yesssssss.
i also finished these on friday...the bulk of the fabric for them came from two very special coming home outfits for two sweet little ones. :) you can get one of your own from my shop.
but my most favorite item made this something i am still working the kinks out of...but even still...i just love them. :)  i call them "messy hair day headbands".  i see lots with bright colors.  the edges will fray...making the all the more awesome. :) more on these soon.

and i will end this ever long post with a recap on palm sunday a la moses:

"jesus rode into droop-sum on a doggy named anna.  
this took place in florida because of all of the palms."

love that kid.



Tracy said...

Where in the world did you find that cupcake carrier?! That is awesome!!

cookies and cups said...

love them! you did awesome :)

Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

that cupcake carrier is awesome! And you have been a very busy girl! I love recap of Palm Sunday too!

gabbyfek said...

uh, i LOVE those cuppycakes-- and you already know i adore the headbands oh so much! xoxo.

Pink Fairy Vicky said...

I just love those cute lamb cupcakes!

Amy said...

I'm curious about the cupcake holder, too!

Carolina said...

So sweet that you make treats for hubby to take to work. I've offered, even made some, but hubby always "forgets" them at home. I guess he thinks he's too "grown up" for it all. Which is really kinda sad. :(
All are adorable! Visiting from TCB.

Karen said...

These were even cuter in person than the pictures can show. And they were as yummy as they were cute :) Thanks for all the treats! You really spoil us!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Wow, the lamb cupcakes are awesome!

Lauren said...

I had a cupcake carrier like that....I LOVED it. Yes, I do mean "had" and "loved". My husband's dog ate it. Don't get confused. I don't mean the contents inside of it. I mean the carrier itself. Like almost the whole dang thing!

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