adorable-ness.  smile.  you made it through monday.
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Alissa said...

I love this video! My four year old daughter and I watch it over and over, so sweet! I love it when she looks at her dad and says "one day I'm gonna whistle?" :))

Taylor said...

so love this! it always brings a little tear to my eye. I used to do this with my dad all the time when I was little and we still do from time to time now :) It is one of my favorite memories.

thank you for posting this Crystal.

Tara said...

You just brightened my day Crystal! I saw this on Meg's blog awhile back. I played it so much my kids were like "here we go again!" I LOVE the way the little girl looks at her dad. The yawn in the middle while singing is so cute! Thanks for showing me this again. Hope your day is a happy one!

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