questions i ask myself.

 why? why? why?
 why can't these moments last longer?
 why does hoho insist on eating everything?  including sand.
 why'd he have to get so big so fast?
 bluebirds or sparrows?  for the nest in the back of his head.
 will our baby grass in the backyard live?
 why do almost ALL of his jeans have holes in the knees? 
they were all NEW just a few short months ago. 
 why does he think that giving me this face will work?
 why doesn't his hearing work as well as the doctors say it should?
why does he love doing this?
why can't every day be 88 degrees? 
why can't doug have a three day weekend every weekend?


Angela Nash said...

Why do some people get to enjoy warm sun when I'm still in my winter coat? :)

I thought you had old pictures from last summer! Gives me hope that some day this winter will end. Doesn't feel like it right now. And this is Chicago, not like I'm in Alaska or anything. Come on heat (or just a little warm even).

Amber said...

This post makes me a little sad :( I miss you guys! I miss playing in the back yard too!

Anonymous said...

You ask some pretty great questions. I, also, wonder why there are now cartoon characters on my produce.

ZanBryDesigns said...

I must ask why on the jeans too. My 5yr old goes through jeans like water. And most of the holes you can not patch. My son also makes the same face that moses is making in one picture. I too wish the weather was nicer and that I didn't have so much to do so we could be outside. I hope that you are having a wonderful day!

Erin said...

I am so confused about the princess grapes too! I can't figure out why they did that...

Erin said...

I bought those same grapes the other day! I cannot figure out why they are doing that...

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