oh moses.

we just got home from a wonderful (if also too short) weekend in 
blacksburg (otherwise known as home).

while it is always bittersweet to visit...doug and i both left feeling like God was assuring us that with patience and prayer...we will call it home again.  

we went to the virginia tech spring game...going into the stadium was a dream come true for moses.  he was excited to the point of giggles.  once i helped him to overcome his fear of the hokie bird, that is.  moses does not care for any adult in a costume.  he hates mascots of any kind.  so on the way there i talked to him about how when he dresses up in his shark costume, he is just moses in a shark costume and NOT an actual shark.  and that the hokie bird is just a man named david (name i gave him) in a hokie bird costume and NOT an actual giant bird.  he seemed to get it.  in fact, as we are "watching" the game moses sees the hokie bird walking around the field and yells "HI DAVID!!". :)

and another fun moment...

we stopped at a sheetz on the way home for a moses potty break.  doug took him into the bathroom and both of them go into a stall for moses to do his business.  moses has his hands on his ears (something he always does in bathrooms with automatic toilets)...which makes him talk just a smidge louder than normal.  someone is in the stall next to them.  moses chooses this "talking louder than normal with a man in the stall next to him" moment to repeat a favorite line from the movie Up.  

can you guess which one if you've seen it?  

moses pretty much yells 

so. SO glad that it was doug's turn to take him to the potty. :)

more soon...for now i'm pooped. 


ZanBryDesigns said...

Oh that made me laugh so hard I teared up! My daughter does the same thing with her ears and voice it drives me nuts. And we had the same fear of anything in costume with my son Zane (age 5) at Disney last fall so much for the breakfast with Mickey that I did the talk but it didn't help so Bryleigh then 3 years old looked at her brother and Yelled " It is only a human in costume Zane" and sighed after saying it. He now is better about the people in costume after that. I hope that you have a great day!

derekcindyterp said...

That's 110% funny. That's when you stay in the stall until you know the other person has left the building completely!! :D Thanks for the laugh...!

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