child like.

sometimes the biggest lessons come to me in the simplest of forms. 

yesterday on the way to school moses and i were talking about Easter and what it all really means.  and while i do believe in sugar coating some things or at the very least shielding my boys from the ugly of this world...when it comes to Jesus we put it all out there.  we talk about the death of Jesus in a way that a four year old can understand.  

so moses and i were talking about this on the way to school.  i explained that Jesus had to die for us so that we could go to heaven to be with God one day.  that there is no other way to get to heaven but through the love of Jesus.  

he was quiet in the backseat for a moment as he pondered what i said 
(or as he spaced out staring out the window).

then he said "wow mom, i love that Jesus died for us". 

and i haven't been able to stop thinking about that sentence since. 

how often have we said that?  i know i have never.  sure, i have said "thank you" or "amazing" or "i can't believe that He would die for me".  but i have never thought to think or say

"wow, Lord, i love that you died for me."

but i am sure we have all said something to friends or family like
"i love that you brought me flowers...or made me dinner...or folded the laundry...or watched my kids...or made me laugh...or listened to me...or believed in me...or any number of other things".

but this week...i am challenging myself and you to stop as often as you think of it and say out loud to him..

"wow, Lord, i love that you died for me". 
i love that because of that i can have a relationship with you. 
i love that you paved a way to heaven.
i love that you loved me enough to suffer for me. 
i love that you found me worthy of a prize. 
i love that you died and rose again. 

i love that i can trace each and every blessing back to that fateful day...when the Lamb of God took my sin and yours upon himself...opened up His arms and said "i love you this much". 

amazing love, how can it be?  that my king would die for me. 
amazing love, i know it's true.  it's my joy to honor you. 
in all i do .


Donna said...

I love that you are able to post 'real' stuff. Meaning ful stuff.

I need to have this talk with my son. He knows the story of easter (through us reading to him, creche and cubbies kids club), but I'm not sure if anyone has told him WHY. I feel like the lousiest parent in the world right now :(

Phyllis said...


Biz said...

How beautifully and eloquently stated!
Out of the mouths of children comes pure wisdom and honesty!

Amy said...

Favorite thing you've ever posted. Thank you. :)

Oh Mandie said...

It's amazing how plainly and honestly children see things. I love then he said that and it sparked something in you that made you want to share it. Thank You :)

derekcindyterp said...

Love it! and LOVE that song :D

Amanda said...

amazing love! thanks for the reminder. :)

Simply Smith said...

wow, what an amazing story! Praise the Lord that a 4 year old so tenderly understands a concept that can be so difficult for adults to believe and/or accept!!!

I remember being very little and not wanting to go to heave because I didn't want to leave my mom and dad! LOL! It obviously took me a few years to really understand the concept and now I know what a joy it will be to praise the Lord up in heaven with the saints!!!

Thanks for sharing!


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