thanks to you. :)

thanks to all you lovely people who have encouraged my 30 day shred challenge.  i'm happy to report that i did day two this morning...and i plan on getting day three done before church in the morning.  if you are thinking of trying it...start now!  we can encourage each other!  i got a little extra motivation (on top of all of you) from googling "30 day shred results" and scanning the pages for body types similar to mine...enough motivation for me!  and really, if i can do it, anyone can.  i promise that i hate exercise more than you and i plan on pushing through twice over before going to Florida in may. 

i currently can't raise my arms to wash my hair...but i'm sure that's a temporary condition.

join me? 
if you follow my facebook page you have seen this cute shirt...i have gotten lots of emails asking for one but at the moment i am not taking orders for them, this was for a family member, BUT...i am willing to put together a few DIY kits for you to do them...the kit would contain no-sew iron on backing with letters pre-traced on, squares of fabric, two buttons and embroidery floss.  
you just iron the backing onto the fabric, cut out the letters, peel the paper, iron onto your shirt. 
the only sewing you would have to do is to sew on the buttons.  the kit will be $5 with $1.50 shipping.  you can put it on any shirt, tote, pillow, etc. 

email me at ricracandpompoms @ if you would like a kit...can also be made for big brother, little brother, little sister, etc. 
i've also been having a lot of fun with a couple of these orders...i never get tired of these happy, happy pieces of art. :)

hope your weekend is a happy one!


Jen said...

A favorite "trick" of mine to ease the muscle pain after a grueling Jillian workout is to eat protein within 30 minutes of the workout cool down. The protein helps repair the broken tissues and heals them faster, meaning less pain. My favorite is either skim milk with a splash of chocolate syrup for the proper carbs/fat/protein ratio and/or natural peanut butter on whole wheat bread or a handful of almonds. It does help as well as smart water.

I'm on day five of Ripped in 30 and it DOES get easier. <><

Christy said...

My sister and I were discussing this exact work-out video. I am thinking of getting it and trying it, too. My husband is out of country until the end of May. I would love to be smaller when he gets home. How in the world do you make your letters? They are a nice font. What do you use? Could you perhaps sell a set of stencils? Just wondering. Good luck with the workout.

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