omg. who am i?, i hate exercise.  
like really hate.  
mostly because i have zero coordination.
i took a class once at a local rec center...kept to the back of the class and still managed to be the center of the instructors attention.  he seemed to enjoy my dysfunction.
that was at least six years ago.  since then the only exercise i get is long walks in nice weather and bending over to fetch the things that have fallen under the couch.

but somehow i have managed to talk myself into this.  30 day shred. 

cause lately something has stirred in me.  i can't get the thought of turning 32 this year OUT of my head.  how in the world am i turning thirty two? 

so there is that part.  and the other part is stress.  i need somewhere to channel it. 

and i am counting the days to our Florida trip. 

and i don't want to look good "for having two kids"...i'm not overweight...just eh.  
i'd prefer wow.  just saying.  is that lame?

and the stress.  yeah.  there is that.  
i treated myself to new swim suits as motivation. 
(from Lime Ricki). 

i just finished my first day.  oh. my. word.  killmenow. 
i thought my heart was going to stop.  
and i kind of hate jillian right now. 
but i'm trying not to take it personally.  

have you done it?  are you awesome now? please feel free to cheer me on. :) 

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april@gingerbread girl said...

I have not done it but I will cheer you on! You can do it!!! :)

Lace said...

I hate her too. A big serious kind of hate. Do what you can for a few weeks though & you will notice a difference! I didn't even change my diet, but did however much I could handle 5 days a week.

Ang said...

I loved that workout after my first baby. You are inspiring me to give it another go, it really toned me up! I also LOVE those swimsuits, where are they from?

Brooke said...

I've never chimed in before... I'm a notorious lurker. :) But I have to ask who sells those swim suits? I love them!

Amanda said...

I did this workout last year and went from 140-something to 125 from Jan 1 to March 17 :) (then I got pregnant :P) Anyway, it was great...keep at a week or two you'll feel great. Also, I never touched "workout 3",just did the first 2. Good luck :)

Lauren A. said...

I lost all of my baby weight with that workout!
Trust me it gets WAY easier! and you get fast results if you eat right and stick to it! :)

You can do it! :P

Stacia said...

I'd prefer wow, too. Too bad I'm not as motivated as you, have fun!

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

Jillian and I definitely have a love/hate relationship, I hate her while I'm doing the videos and while I'm sore but love her when I start seeing results! You can do it! :)

Crystal said...

I haven't tried that workout yet, but I've heard quite a bit about it. Maybe I should try it. I'm just not really an exerciser. :P

And, you are a bad influence. I just checked out the Lime Ricki website, and bought myself a new suit! I kind of need it, though. I live in Hawaii, and only have one good swimsuit. And I got one of the clearance ones! I'm excited about it now. :)

Michelle said...

I did the Shred this summer. It's hard in the beginning but by the end of the summer I was doing level 3 with no problems. I lost 30 pounds in the process. I love the Shred. It's a great workout in a short amount of time. Keep it up! That's awesome.

angela said...

*rah* *rah* *rah* I'm right there with you - I turned 40 (seriously don't know HOW that happened) and just need to get toned. Things are jiggling that shouldn't!

I hate exercise too and have been slacking the last few weeks on the program I started (I do Power90). Let's suffer together!

Mary Elizabeth said...

You can rock it Crystal!!!!!! I have faith in you!!!! I turned 40 last month and my Dadassed on my bday so I am determined to shed a few pounds in his honor because I know he would want me too. Son grab that gusto and do it!!!! I have the P90 , so let's do it!!!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

You can rock it girlie!!!! I have faith int you!!!!! Have fun and do it for you!!!!

Jen said...

I've done this workout and all her other workout dvds. Her latest release, Ripped in 30, isn't as mean. It's a workout, but no two moves are repeated in the FOUR different weeks of workouts. The moves are simple, powerful, and motivating as I had physical results after TWO days. She's also much much calmer. She doesn't attack the girls training with her, but teachers through them. And there's a diet plan on her website, too.

Good Luck, you got this, girl!

thetwistedruffle said...

oh, i have it and have done it too! i didn't actually do all 30 days, but it's really good for getting a SOLID 20 minute workout in!

stick with it! maybe since you started, i can do it too. do you need an accountability partner? it would be fun to do with someone else!

Parrotts said...

I'm SO GLAD you posted this!! I need to get back at it (and also turning yucky 32 this year), and all these comments about the DVDs are making me want to buy it right now! Love that someone commented on the short length of the workouts (I saw 20 min?) Let's DO IT!!!

P.S. LOVE the suits too! :)

Courtney said...

love her! it's a GREAT quick workout!

and i LOVE lime ricki suits!

you're going to ROCK them both! (the workout AND the swimsuits! :-))

Missy said...

Jillian kicked my butt. And I have been so mad I have only tried it 1 time.
But I need to try it again. Thanks for making me think about it. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

Sara said...

I lasted 3 days. I literally could not move without tears...maybe I worked out too hard? Is there such a thing?

Jingle said...

I have done it and yes, you will hate Jillian, BUT, the results are FANTASTIC! Seriously. I should do it again, but I still hate Jillian from last time. HA!

Gabriela said...

I've tried it before but couldn't do the whole thing, I wish there was a remedial level 30 day shred! I hated Jillian for the few days I did it, but the good kind of hate. You know, the "I hate you because this is good for me" kind of hate.

Holly said...

ok I am totally just starting the shred also! I am mainly doing it for toning but I do kind of dislike her right now!lol

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