funny boy.

moses nearly got kissed by a girl on the playground yesterday.  
after being mortified that we saw it we asked him...

us: moses, why did that girl want to kiss you?
moses: because she loved me.  but i don't love her.
us: maybe she thought you were cute.
moses: i'm not cute.  hoho is cute.  i'm smart.
she tried to kiss me and i yelled and ran away. 
and then she turned into a frog.

we will be ok with this stance on girls and kissing for many years. :)

p.s.  i added the answers to the previous post in the comment section of that post.


Biz said...

Out of the mouth of children!
This made me grin from ear to ear today ;)
Have a Blessed Tuesday!

Nesha said...

You've got a smart fella on your hands...girlz are nuttin' but trouble! Go Moses!

nursenicki said...

Day 2 of The Shred for me...who knew 20 minutes could cause pain in so many muscles? The good pain, of course ;)

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