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 so i got to cleaning out my sewing table drawer this morning...and realized that i have a random assortment of crafty tools...some, i am sure i wouldn't be able to identify if i just stumbled upon here's a little game for you...see how many you can ID...they are all independent of one another...all found in any craft store. :)

i'll hold off publishing the comments until the next time i post to tell you what they are. :) 
happy crafty geek monday!


Cherish @ My Cup of Tea said...

Wow, I'm gonna be honest. I don't know what ANY of those are.

Alisa said...

I will take a stab at this. 1. pom pom maker {I think}, 2. bias tape maker 3.snap setter 4.not a clue :( 5. rubber thimble? 6. yo yo maker thingy 7. fabric covered button maker

That was kinda fun!

Tiff Hunt said...

Ok....I really don't have a clue on some of these, but here goes

1. I know it's something for a bobbin on the sewing machine

2. No Idea

3. No clue

4. maybe a foot to a sewing machine?

5. Rubber thimble?

6. Pin wheel

7. fabric button maker.

Those are my guesses. I know that 99% of them won't be correct, but hey, I tried!! :)

Krystle... said...

This could be embarrassing :)

2. biase tape maker
4. sewing foot
5. thimble
6. yo yo maker
7. button cover

Have a Happy Day!

kate said...

What a fun little game! I don't know what all of them are, but I recognize the pom pom maker, bias tape maker, and covered button press!

ZanBryDesigns said...

ok number 1 has me stumped
number 2 is a bias tape maker
number 3 no clue
number 4 free motion foot
number 5 thimble
number 6 yo-yo maker
number 7 button cover/maker.

I have used 3 of them myself.

Jennifer said...

1 definitely never seen one!
2 bias tape maker
3 snap installer
4 quilting foot
5 thimble
6 yo-yo maker
7 covered button maker

This was fun! Happy Monday!

Mrs. Dilday said...

1.paper product
2.bias tape maker
4.foot for sewing machine
5.plastic thimble
6. holds needles?
7. button maker ( for covered buttons)

Trish said...

1.bobbin threader
2.binder maker clue
4.again, no clue
5.rubber thimble
6.does this hold your needles?
7.a fabric button maker thingy

i'm sure i used all the correct terminology too :)

Jennifer said...


1. Ribbon dispenser?
2. bias tape maker
3. snap setter?
4. sewing machine foot
5. thimble
6. beading or threading tool?
7. covered button maker

Some of these are tough!

Erin said...

I think #1 is a pom-pom maker. I think #2 is for making biased tape. I don't have any idea about #3-5, but wonder if # 3 is for snaps... I know #6 is for making yo-yos and I think #7 is for making fabric covered buttons.

I'm excited to see if I guess right - I didn't do any research to make educated guess. Just drawing upon my knowledge of craft supplies!

Crystal said...

1. pompom maker
2. bias tape maker
3. snap setter
4. free motion quilting foot
5. quilting thumbs (thimble)
6. yoyo maker
7. button coverer.


fuzzysmom said...

What an organized craft drawer! I'm super jealous, mine isn't nearly that orderly!

Katy Apicello said...

Question: When you buy the button covering kit, do you just buy one and then after that JUST by the metal button thing? I bought a kit but I was wondering if after I use the buttons that came in it, if there was somewhere to buy more buttons - without the contraption. :) Hope that makes sense! Fun post!

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