we HAVE a two year old!

happy birthday hoho!!
today you are two!!
i know every mom says this but really...didn't we just come home from the hospital with you? 

you are the naughtiest baby i have ever known.  you prowl around looking for things to get into like a predator hunting his prey.  and you are dynamic at it.  your best move is something we call the "bait and switch".  to successfully pull of this maneuver you start by doing naughty thing A...while we are dealing with the havoc of naughty thing A...you run to naughty thing B while we are busy cleaning up A.  we believe that naughty item B is what you really wanted to do in the first place anyway. 

your favorite word is "no". and you will sometimes sing it to us in response to a request like a choir boy practicing scales "no, no, nooooooooooooooo".  

you have to sleep with a onesie on because otherwise you will strip naked.  this has resulted in legendary messes that we didn't know where to start cleaning up. 

you regularly stick things up your nose.  you did this once and we didn't even know it was up there until you sneezed. 
your favorite shows include yo gabba gabba, little bill and olivia.  yes, olivia. 

you are going through a biting phase.  no one is safe.  
you are also the sweetest baby i've ever known.  

as shown above, you are excellent at relaxing...we're pretty sure this is one of your gifted areas.  

you love a good cuddle in the morning...or any time of day really.  you are always good for a hug and a sloppy kiss.  

you adore your daddy.  

we hardly ever get a bad report on you from sunday school or any childcare setting...usually people can't believe how sweet you are.  and you really are.  
you love to color and play play-doh.  you also love legos and any kind of ball.  

you love anything soft or cuddly...also known in our home as "giggles". 

you are our sweet baby boy and we love you so much.  you bring a lot of fun and sunshine into our family and we are so very blessed to be your parents. 

we want you to know that you are loved and that we think you are wonderful.  your sassy sweet personality brings a lot of goodness into our lives.  we want you to know that we pray for you daily...that your walk with Jesus would always bring you closer to Him and never farther away. 

we pray that you grow up as a great friend to your brother and that you always love and enjoy your family who love you and support you.

happy birthday sweet boy!!

love, your mommy


Cora Anne Designs said...

Two already?? Wow, I remember when he was born, guess I've been a reader for a while now! Happy Birthday!


Terri @ em-belle-ish.blogspot.com said...

Congratulations on your son's birthday. We just celebrated our oldest son's yesterday... he's 9 already. Time flies... but every stage has its own things to enjoy. Here's to hoping that there is a lot about 2 that you all enjoy!

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy! (He's sure cute!) My little girl shares the same birthdate, but she's a year older. (They grow up too fast, don't they.)


Lace said...

Happy Birthday to Hoho! Can't believe he is two!! He is so cute :)

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