rookie mistake.

this is my wonderful moses.  or mimi.  or the meemer.  mojito.  mighty mo. 
he is funny.  and wonderful.  and he is growing up too fast.  
but that is neither here nor there for this post.  

above he is wearing his favorite ever pants.  his "can i wear these again tomorrow?" pants.  the pants he sheds a tear for when i tell him i HAVE to wash them.  his "astronaut" pants.  whatever that means.  he loves these pants. 

i hate these pants.  these skinny jeans.  that he almost always pairs with a black shirt.  
making him an adorable little four year old emo, i admit.  these pants that aaron can wear, easily.   

i am not a mom who cares what my kids wear.  they are boys, it's easy.  jeans, khakis and shirts.  they pick.  all i have to do is to make sure there aren't shorts (that he will insist on wearing) in his drawer in january and it's really all good.  oh, and i pick out and buy all their clothes.  so there is that.  i stock the drawers with what i like.
back in the fall moses was not quite big enough for a 5t and too big for a 4t.  i was looking for a 5 slim, saw the 5 skinny and thought "how different could they be...probably the same thing, right?". 

not right.   

and of course.  these are the pants that he loves.  the skinny jeans.  the chock full of skinny emo jeans.  the jeans that i have yet to see any male wearing and think "oh, that DOES look good".  sorry, no. 
the jeans that i have seen him LAY DOWN TO BUTTON. 

lesson learned.  skinny does not equal slim.
on the subject of pants.  he's grown a lot.  and running low.  we went into the gap to see if we could find some deals.  every few seconds we heard "hey dad/mom, look at me" and we would turn to see him holding hands with a mannequin.  he would try to make this face like "what, no big deal, just holding this persons hand".  it cracked us up.  he's funny. 

and we got some great size 6 jeans.  6 SLIM.  



Sarah said...

My 10 yr old sons favorite jeans...purple skinny jeans. I don't get it. I told him he could get them as long as there was no "crack in the back" that showed and they did not do a saggy thing in the front. They didn't, so he got them. I knew he would be teased and thought he would get over them. His Uncle teased and teased..."purple and skinny jeans do not belong in a boys wardrobe" over and over. He doesn't care, he laughs it off and still wears them as often as possible. Sigh.

Julianna said...

my 4 yr old wore my 16 month old's pants today.
Yep, size 18m.
He had on man-pris.
How did I miss until we were at the park? We'll never know

The mannequin thing made me actually laugh out loud. very cute!

Kristen @ said...

aww that is too funny! Those don't actually look like skinny jeans in the picture but I am sure they probably do in person. I cannot stand adult men that I see in skinny jeans. I always see one guy at church and think, "how does he even get those up?" haha. I really do :)

A Little Of A Lot said...

Bwahaha, Sarah... My 13 y/o son has purple skinny jeans too.

Crystal.. This post made me LOL. My 13 y/o son is a skater, don't even DARE call him Emo ;) He will only wear skinny jeans, just this morning I looked at him in his black skinny jeans, purple vans and white hoddie and thought "You know, he really does look ok in skinny jeans". It'll grow on you.. promise :)

carey said...

Ahaha! I just went back to work last month, at an elementary school. I was pretty surprised to see the number of boys wearing colored skinny jeans. It cracks me up, especially in our rural community where many people own tractors and farm animals.

Ben said...

That is too funny. I didn't even realize they had "skinny" jeans that small. My 15 yr old LOVES skinny jeans. I don't get it either. What ever happened to good old fashioned levi's? Oh, and he likes to wear them very low. with his boxers showing. I can't stop him, but I make him wear long shirts. :)

Kim said...

I'm laughing so very hard at this. You are hilarious.

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

Ugh, skinny jeans should not be made for guys! LOL! They don't look bad on him, he's a cutie :). But WHY WHY WHY do they make them for teens/adults? My 6 year old girl loves them, but if my 9 year old son wanted them, I'd have to object.

Becky said...

what a relief to see my 8 yr old son is the only skinny-lover. i just broke down and bought him 2 new pairs (even though he has other regular fit jeans in the drawer!) ah, a mother's love! :)

Bernice said...

What on earth! Does every little boy do this? Because my son went to hold hands with a mannequin like it was no big deal too... many times.

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