never a dull moment.

 hoho's wonderful post-nap bed head. 
a few funnies from our life lately:
the scene: doug is reading a valentine out loud that moses got from his aunt and uncle:

doug: "...we can't wait to see you. love, uncle brian, aunt alli, kyleigh blake and peter."

moses: arrrrgh. i hate peter.
funny because there is no peter. doug just added him in there.
dinner convo (as we are waiting to hear some big news)*
doug: moses, is (this big thing going to happen)*?
moses: yes, it is.
crystal: honey, he's not a prophet.
doug: ummmm, his name is moses. he has a direct line.
* i hope to share the big news soon.  i just don't feel like i am supposed to yet.  
but beleive me i *cannot* wait.  
you will be amazed if it continues to unfold as it has so far. 
me: moses hurry up and get dressed or I will pinch your buns. 
moses: those aren't buns. they are two tiny backpacks.
aaron loves these glasses...they are only twice the size of his head. :)



Danielle Farley said...

Too funny! Your boys have awesome little personalities and seem very witty. Thanks for sharing:)

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

you crack me up!! loved reading this and i can't wait to hear your news!!!

Biz said...

Cute kid! Makes me giggle!

Little Miss Shabby said...

Thank you for a lovely blog read this morning. I am sitting here drinking my coffee and trying not to stress over the fact that I need to leave in about 30 min. to help out at my Kindergartener's V-day party--that I had to plan. I keep telling myself that I should be excited about it--I know Chloe is--but, I worry about the silliest things...really, worrying about a Kindy Vday party...silly! =) Anyhoow, your fun stories were just the perk that I needed. =)

sara luke said...

I can't even choose a favorite. It's all hilarious.

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