i'll take one please.

i just ADORE this print from modmemento.  it serves as a great reminder for me during this crazy waiting period we are going through.  because really, wherever my honey is, is where i want to be. 

you can get the print in the modmemento shop HERE.   
she will customize it to any colors of your choice...i am thinking i want want similar to the example here...with just a kick more brightness. :) 



Meg said...

The waiting is killing me too! Ha! All good things come...right?
The baby blanket in your etsy shop is beautiful? Do you make them for big people..lol. Lots of Luv! Have a blessed day!

he calls me wifey said...

Thank you for sharing this :)

fuzzysmom said...

that is such a sweet reminder.

we are currently living 800 miles apart and it isn't fun :(

best of luck with waiting!

~Debra said...

This is the perfect reminder to me as well. Being a Navy wife, my husband is often deployed, at school or elsewhere. There is the saying "Home is where the Navy sends you" but I find the one you posted much more appropriate!

Amy said...

I LOVE this print!! (and needed to see it. I just told my husband that when we move back to the farm someday (his dream) this print will hang in our house. Thanks for sharing. :)

BC said...

Crystal - I was beyond thrilled to see this post when I woke up this morning. :) Truth is I designed it because I needed to remind myself the same thing. Thank you for the link love!

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