he made us do it.

someone made it impossible to allow him to sleep in his crib any longer and he ended his birthday in his happy new toddler bed.  getting him to stay there tonight may or may not have required me holding the door closed from the other side until he gave up and finally went to bed.   
and here is moses at the same stage (four months older than hoho is now).  getting this one to stay in his new bed took all of me saying "stay in your bed". 
thus proving that two kids, 
parented the same way, 
by the same parents, 
can be completely different.
but equally wonderful. 



SarahinSC said...

Oh my! My two boys are the same, but flip flopped. My oldest is the "hard" one to raise and the younger brother basically is a breeze to raise. Keeps us on our toes I guess!

Terri @ em-belle-ish.blogspot.com said...

Yup, our 2 boys are very different and equally wonderful too. :)

Katy Apicello said...

I think your boys are like my daughters. :) Abby was/is THE.EASIEST.CHILD! And Lauren is a hand full! Wouldn't have it any other way. :)

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