i am endlessly fascinated with the old testament.  

i love the new testament as well but i really LOVE reading the old testament.  and the more i read it the more i can see that we are no different than the israelites straight out of egypt.

my bible in a year started over at the beginning of january and now i am in the middle of exodus.  and even though i have read it all before, more times than i can remember, i still get excited with each step, my heart still breaks a little with each disobedient move, i am still in awe of every act God performed to show his power.  

as much as some would love to say that the bible was written for "them, back then", i say nonsense.  how are we any different? 

do we not grumble, in the very face of tremendous blessings? 
do we not judge the actions of others based on what we can SEE with our eyes? 
do we not long for the comfort of "back then, when things were normal, if not uncomfortable".
do we not puff ourselves up to believe that if WE had seen the things that God had done then, that we would behave any differently today?

we are one in the same.  a group of humans bound to sin in the very face of God.  we may want to think that we are better, or more civilized or less likely to be so obnoxious.  but if anything, i believe we are worse off.  

our society has widened the gap of what is acceptable by such a drastic amount that we are calling evil good and good evil.  we close our eyes to wrongs to not offend any earthly person, when we should really be more concerned with the One most offended.  we tell ourselves that "it doesn't effect my life so why should i care"...when the truth is that each and every sin blackens the horizon just a bit.  

i kind of believe that things will continue to get worse...the good will get harder to find on this earth...the evil things will continue to dominate more and more and that those of us trying to push our way towards God will have to work all the harder for it. 

but even all of that i think God can use to his good...imagine things on earth getting so dark, that when we finally get to heaven, we are so blinded by the light that it rocks us back on our feet.  just like when you wake up in the wee hours of the morning and turn on a light first thing, your eyes are almost in pain from the brightness of it all.  the darkness will be so seared onto our brains that we will never forget it.  

maybe this present day earth is our second chance at exodus, that right now, our slavery is being bound to a society that is ever hungry for more...that our land of milk and honey will be the earth as God intended it in the first place.  maybe this time we will remember and be obedient and never forget all the good that God did.  that we will say thank you, thank you, thank you.  and never again say "but what have you done for me today?"

regardless...that is my goal for life right now.  in this moment.  to just say "thank you, thank you, thank you".  and live in the knowledge that i have already been given far far more than i deserve. 

happy monday. xo

feel free to add your two cents.  i would love to hear it. :)


Skamamama said...

this is so true! i'm reading jonah right now. good stuff!

i also love your "comment guidelines"


Megan said...

I like it. And I agree that things are getting worse, unfortunately. But I am a part of the problem. We all are.

It's funny - just this morning I resolved to be ever thankful as well. We had a gorgeous weekend where I live. It was 70 degrees, while 3 days earlier we were watching the snow pile up, bundled up in our homes. So we played outside. A lot. And grilled out. And had family and friends over. Then this morning - it was cold again. Very cold. Like, freezing. I heard a lot of grumbling about the "tease" of the weather. But I have decided that I will not complain. This weekend was wonderful and perfect and a gift from God. Maybe just for me. I will thank Him for it and thank Him for what He's doing today, as well. Even if He does it in the snow. :)

~Debra said...

Thank you for the reminder! And I too am working my way through the Old Testament. I am in Numbers currently. :-)

Have a great week!

derekcindyterp said...

SO TRUE! All the sins that exist today existed back then. There is nothing new under the sun!! But it sure seems they have become so much more acceptable, and even SAD! But yes, the darker this earth becomes with sin, the brighter Heaven will be! :D We must let our lights shine bright, and be so thankful to our Heavenly Father for the abundance of blessings! :D Thanks for an encouraging kick start to my week! A reminder to be thankful is always a good thing! :D

Bethany said...

What a wonderful reminder for this Monday morning. Thank you for sharing!

Becky said...

I've been enjoying the OT from the beginning too. Just headed into Leviticus and although it's a little gruesome to read about the requirements for performing a sacrifice (my Daily Worship Bible describes it the Iraelite worship center as a slaughterhouse, where livestock becomes dead-stock!) it makes my heart so thankful that the sacrificial work is complete in Jesus!

great thoughts for a Monday morning!

Trish said...

Jesus is coming! I big puffy heart this post!

Leisha said...

I love reading your blog! Which version (NIV, ESV,,,,) are you reading?

Jaclyn said...

what a great post. i am so happy i found your blog link on etsy. I love how you ended the entry, and yes, we have been given so very much and I am so very thankful!

I found you on etsy and wanted to let you know i just featured your shop on my kids shopping blog. I love your shop, and I am so glad I found your blog!

Molly said...

I totally agree! I just finished Beth Moore's bible study Stepping Up (about the 15 psalms of ascent), we are all sojourners on this path to be with Him and we will always encounter people and ways that are against Him. Beth introduced me to praying face down while lying on the floor and let me tell you it is the best way to pray! I can't pray any other way and I feel so much more closer to Him! Happy day Crystal!
~Molly P

virginia said...

"when the truth is that each and every sin blackens the horizon just a bit." that line was so striking and poetic! as for being thankful, and thinking on the ot; i was just thinking yesterday how i hate waiting and how it has been months, then i suddenly remembered about jacob and how he waited 14 years for his true love Rachel, even after getting his hopes up after 7 years. isn't that the worst? getting your hopes up and then crushed. all the sudden, my problem didn't seem so big any more. i am sure that God is up to something good. :0)

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