right now. part two.

 here's the rest of our house right now...this is aaron's room.
it has a loosely vintage new york theme.  specifically yankees baseball.

 this is the master bedroom.
 it kind of has a soft modern-vintage feel to it.  i love the mismatched lamps (from target).
i read some decorator say that you should never have photos of your children in your bedroom.  i completely disagree.  to us, they are further motivation and reminder of why we work so hard at keeping our marriage wonderful.
 i love my cheaty quilt. and my jars of shells from each beach i've been to.
 and the main bathroom...not too exciting.  but crisp and clean just the same.
just some tiny pops of color.  i made the shower curtain and we redid the floors since living here.

you can see moses' room over HERE.

thanks for lookin'. :)


Biz said...

I like your cheaty quilt too!
Thank you for sharing the rest of your house.
It's very cozy!

carey said...

I love your decorating style. Your house is so cute! :)

Beth said...

LOVE it! whomever it was that said no photos of kids in your bedroom must not have kids. that is the silliest thing i've ever heard.

virginia said...

love love love your style! simply awesome and brightly cheerful. thanks for the ideas.

Courtney said...

beautiful! your home always insprires me to add some bright fun things to mine! love it.

Ky said...

Lovely Crystal.
I gotta say, I get so annoyed with all the so called rules that decorators or photographers or whatever other professional puts out there. I tend to ignore them.

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