an ode to my favorites.

(aaron's "cheese" face) 
the blog world has so many beautiful people out there. 

i love blogging because in some small way it takes us back to the days when you knew all your neighbors...shared ideas with them, resources, time, etc...where you looked out for each other.  where you brought out each others best and picked each other up when they were down. 

i thought i would take some time to share with you some of the people in my neighborhood.  
in no particular order.  

most of you probably already know meg.
she is happy.  has a great knack for decorating her beautiful home.  and is successfully raising teenagers.  if you haven't should go.  she has great recipes and nice eye candy.  her
 potato soup is now in my regular rotation of recipes. i wish we were real life friends.    

and if you know meg, you probably know julie. 
julie seems to have an abundance of friends.  all over the country.  her home is beautiful and she has an all around beautiful heart.  she builds wells for the poor in Africa in her spare time.

heather. heather is a real live doll.  i am pretty sure she is the sweetest person i have never met.  she has a way with vintage and a faith in Jesus that is abundantly apparent in how she handles tragedy.  i would take her as a neighbor any time.
and next is sara.  sara is a wonderful photographer and graphic designer extraordinaire.  if she ever goes out of business i will be that person that emails her every Christmas begging her to just do my card.  she is down to earth, a woman who handles a lot on her plate and gets stuff done...a woman after my own heart. 

then there is tara.  beautiful. photography.  beautiful person.  i don't know tons about her.  but her photo skills will knock your socks off. 

cathe.  creative uses for vintage items.  her imagination fascinates me.  the way she can see beauty in so many items is something i wish i was better at.   

that's just a few...maybe i will do another installment of neighbors again soon...hope there are some new blogs there for you to love. :)



Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

crystal, i'd take you as a neighbor any day too. have a happy day sweet friend!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

I would gladly replace any numbers of my neighbors with you and your sweet family. Although your boys would have to bring their own toys to playdates, unless they can handle sparkles, pink, and always being forced to be "the prince" in assorted wedding ceremonies. Plus, my town has six Targets within ten minutes... Cali bound?

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