no really, i'm not crazy.

(image via MaryKateMcDevitt)

i've been busy.  we don't have news yet...but you can pray for saturday at 4pm if you like. 
while i'm still not ready to spill the details i will tell you some of the things i have done in the last week or so...

in no particular order:
painted moses' room
painted all the trim in the house
painted five doors
i mean six
patched a hole in drywall
and painted it
painted the attic door
replaced the pull on the attic door
re-glued a piece of trim
deep cleaned the fridge
and the dishwasher
and the washer
and dryer
re-caulked the tub
fixed a blemish in the porcelain sink
organized the pantry
the entertainment center
the linen closet
my craft closet
moses' closet
doug's closet
aaron's closet
cleaned up the patio
touched up paint in both bathrooms
and my room
and moses' room
and aaron's room
painted the railing upstairs and down
re-upholstered two chairs
kept up with custom orders
and made dinner most nights
and a dessert for doug to take to work monday.
and took moses to school
and wend to church
and did 90% of our taxes
and prayed
a lot
i'm sure i'm forgetting something.

and tomorrow i will be up to my elbows in cleaning products.
this time tomorrow my house will be perfect. 
no really.
and then i need to take my kids somewhere so it stays that way for as long as it needs to.

and the very best part is that no matter what happens.  we will be ok.  either something awesome will happen...or my house will be in the best shape that it has been in the four years we have lived here.

and spring is only 58 days away.  


Ky said...

I'm sorry Crystal, but you are crazy! How on God's green earth would any mother of two small boys have the time or energy to do all of that in one week???
Wanna come help me unpack and clean?

Ky x

Abbie said...

i'm glad someone else is up for getting stuff done! yesterday i swept and mopped my floors, went to a fabric store and picked out new fabric for a quilt, did a few loads of laundry, went to walmart, made cookies and brownies, made dinner, washed dishes, paid bills, dropped off a donation at the thrift store, cut a BUNCH of quilting squares, finished a painting and was glad to still have time to do what I wanted on my day off. Congratulations on crossing a thousand things off your list!

Oh Mandie said...

Oh my goodness you've been busy! Feel free to come over and work some of that cleaning magic on my house!

I'm still lifting you up in prayers, hope all is well :)

Amanda said...

Ha! I proud of cleaning out the master bedroom closet and hallway closet this week. Apparently that is nothing! Just curious but did you actually sleep at all this week?!

Good luck!

Mao Mao said...

Me, me! I want a home fairy here to :)

Ellen - SkoMomma said...

Wow! I'm tired just reading the list!

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