a homecoming prequel?

 We went home this last weekend...to get family photos taken, see friends and family and to be there for Virginia Tech's homecoming...while there we took the boys to Radford so they could see the campus where mommy went to college.  Above, the boys are sitting on the steps of the library.
 And here they are checking out the (dry) fountain.  It was SO fun to see my boys running around on the campus that I have adored for so long. :) Even if Moses kept asking "When are we going to Blacksburg?"
 My sister in law is a chiropractor at one of the main offices in Blacksburg and her company had a float in the homecoming parade.  All of the nieces and nephews got to don all of their (and some borrowed) Hokie gear and ride on the float!
 My cute son and niece!
 Moses practiced his "job" for days before the parade...you know waving to the crowd and yelling "GO HOKIES!!"
 Aaron had no idea what was going on...but he was ok to go with the flow.
 The boys waiting for the parade to start.
 Cutest Hokies ever!
 Fun with pom-poms...love this photo!

 Moses took his job very seriously and did indeed yell "Go HOKIES!" at everyone who looked at him...all the while waving to his fans.   Moses was adorable and I couldn't get over how great he did and how cute he was doing it!
Aaron got a nice view from the top of the truck...
And did his fair share of waving, too. 

It was a great weekend...full and long and good, all at the same time.  Moses cried when we had to say goodbye...saying over and over "I don't want to leave Blacksburg!"...and all I could think was "Me either!"...praying that this homecoming was a prequel to our real homecoming!


moses' room.

 A few of you asked about Moses' room a couple of posts ago...so I thought I would take the opportunity to document it...
 He has the brightest room in the house...and has the only room that we have not painted since we moved in...
 all we have done is to paint a stripe over a girly stencil.
 Almost everything is either from Ikea, Target or made by me...
 All of the signs are from Doug's room growing up...the bed and bedding is from Ikea.
 Rug on the floor is from Ikea, dresser from Target...flag of Norway. :)
 Bed buddies.

 This is by the door...map of the states done in license plates...cross stitch done for Doug by a family member...
 License plates that I made into a single huge art piece.  Doug promises that he has never stolen a single sign or license plate...so they have all been come by honest. 
 His room is one of my favorites...because it is the easiest to clean...EVERYTHING has a place and there is minimal clutter.  Aside from making the bed and picking up a few stickers...I really didn't have to clean up much to take these photos. :)
The painting was done for Moses by a friend...its a sky writer doing Moses' name...clock is from a yard sale...1, 2, 3 bins are from Ikea...so is the paper roll.   The bins hold crayons, scissors and paper.
 This GIANT frame is a super clearance from from Target...it's one of those "sign here" things for weddings...it used to hang in our living room but I was tired of it...so it got a nice M and some photos of some of Moses' favorite things and memories.  The two art pieces on the right are also super clearance finds. :)
On my to-do list is to paint this room...I am thinking a pale grey...you can't tell from the photos but it really needs it.  Even still...it's a happy room for a happy boy.  

from this to that.

 It started with this...an invitation to my neighbors baby girls first birthday party.
 And it ended with this bundle of cute...a party perfect outfit to match.
 I can't wait to see her chubby little baby self in it.
 I searched high and low for a baby girl skirt pattern and couldn't find one that I loved...so I measured the baby girl herself and made up my own pattern.  I call it the Bay-ba skirt....because her name is Baby Ava...but Hoho calls her bay-ba.
 It's bright and colorful and full of fun fabrics.
 ...with just a bit of tulle to make it fancy. :)
 Sweet little shoes to match...pattern courtesy of WinterPeach.
I love it all...and hope the birthday girl will too.  
I hope I'll get to show you a photo of her in it all. :)


i totally get this.

while a lot of the time my boys average 90% their dad...there are moments I find like these that remind me that there is some me in there too....
...lost in his own creativity...favorite beverage close by...clueless about the mess surrounding him...wearing something that makes you feel good...getting lost in your imagination. 

Very little makes me as happy as seeing Moses at his little desk making art. :)

plus one year.

 well...in a moment of being able to (mentally)...i cut aaron's hair.  
big. fat. sigh. 
my heart still hurts a little.  he went from 18m to 2 1/2 years old in a few snips. 
 But he is still precious and adorable...even if he is much older looking now.
 AND he has the cutest bowl cut in history.  That's a fact right there. 
And it may take a year for my heart to get over it...

i love words.

 I have a love of words.  My home is full of them.  Prints, artwork and everything covered in words and phrases that are meant to set my mind straight and remind me of the way I should be thinking.  Some of my favorites are from Studio Mela and say things like "Be happy for this DAY is your life"...we have a custom made sign that says "Do what you have to so you can do what you want to" which more days than not reminds me to get my bum in gear. 

Maybe it's because I'm a visual person/learner.  When I was in college it was enough for me to show up, watch the slides of notes and comes test time I just had to read them over.  

Maybe it's because I love to read.  I currently have a huge stack of books on my bedside table. 

Whatever the means or reasons...I LOVE words in my home. 
Forever ago I found this tutorial at Little Blue Boo and fell in love.  I made it that day in my head and it has been living there ready to come out ever since.  Finally, months later via my Cricut and some spray paint it came to life. 
And I love it.  It reminds me of some of the reasons I am in love with the Lord. 
He is my redeemer and washes me clean. 
He is my God, there is no other.
He is a wonderful counselor and listens to my every worry.
He is the only perfect Father ever. 
He is the first and the last and my everything. 

I love having this hanging in my home where I can see it all the time and be reminded.


done and done.

 One dozen little owls for my favorite little four year old.
 I finished just in time to fill them with popcorn and candy corn.
Moses was delighted that his mom made something for his school friends.  
How many more years do you think I can get away with that? 


happy birthday moses!


Dear Moses, 
Today you are four!  I know every mom says this...but I can't believe that you are ALREADY four.  I feel like I blinked and the last four years flew by.  You are such a funny and fun loving kid.  You are FULL of energy and downright spunky!  At least a few dozen times a day you tell us all you love us and ask for a hug or a kiss.  You started school this year, two days a week, and you love it.  You enjoy play-doh, coloring and cutting paper in world record tiny pieces.  You love your little brother and you all have really started to play TOGETHER.  
You adore your daddy and are bummed out on the days he has to go to work.  
Your prayers every night before bed have started to have more and more to them...it's like you have really started to think about what you want to pray for.  

I pray daily that your walk will always take you TOWARDS Jesus and never away from Him.  You love your Sunday school classes and your teachers seem to love you being there.  You love your Uncle B too...he comes almost every other week to see you and Hoho and takes you all over town on adventures.  This year you have had a lot of firsts...fishing, riding a horse, having a sleepover, and so much more.  You have grown so much in so many ways over the last year...you really are a big boy now.  I love you so much and I truly love and enjoy watching you grow and learn and become the (little) man that God wants you to be.  It is a JOY to be your mom...you keep my job fun, full, interesting and to the brim with love, pride and joy.  I love you and I can't wait to see all the fun things that four has in store for you.  

Happy Birthday Mighty Mo! 

Love, your mama.  
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