photobooth documentary-part 2

You can see part one HERE.
I love the photobooth feature on Mac's...such a fun way to capture little snippets of our random life. :)

These last two weeks have been CRAZY.  I am working on getting back to normal...on all levels. :) So soon I hope to 1) do some new 20 minute crafters, 2) work on a new pattern for the shop 3) work on some Julia projects and 4)get some other personal projects done. :) 


shop update!

working on getting new hoho's in the shop right now! :)


It's Friday!
Hoping for a shop update on Monday...with hot pink, teal and olive colored hoho's up for grabs!!


more messy fun.

I have decided that I like any activity that ends in "just hose them off".
After I posted our last messy fun activity, Morgan suggested that I let them paint with pudding.
So we gave it a go.
I covered their picnic table in wax paper (held in place by tape) and dumped two pudding cups on top.
I'm pretty sure it was love at first taste (they had never had pudding before).
Hoho insisted on using a spoon. :)
I will just have to hope that they don't think this is how you always use/eat pudding.
Then we added more fun to the mix.
At the end of it all...I just hosed them off.  Good as new. :) And for less than $1.
This his hoho...smiling happily for the camera. :)

Now go squeeze some fun out of these last few weeks of summer. :)

happy birthday bop-bop.

Usually Moses sings a birthday greeting to his family members and we add it to their facebook page...since Bop-Bop (aka Doug's dad) doesn't have a facebook page we decided to give him his own enjoy Bop-bop.  We hope you have a super special day and we love you!!


making pretty.

I made some pretty this weekend. 
Working on a fun project with some lovely ladies.
I had to cut 88 1.5in squares.  For ONE quilt square.
Since I cannot imagine myself doing this again anytime soon...I made good use of the pretty.

I love these photos...and the tiny squares.  So pretty and happy.

I can't imagine making an entire quilt out of these squares...

But luckily for my part I only had to make one. :)

And I do love learning new quilt patterns.  This pattern is via Little Miss Shabby.

And this is the result once they are all together.  Stunning(in my opinion).  But a notch or two above my patience level for a whole quilt.  The pattern is easy...but the construction takes a bit of time. :)

So that's what I worked on this weekend.  Now back to the hoho's. :)

Do you have a favorite quilt square pattern?  I'd love to see it...leave a link in the comments.  Please. :)
Happy day to you!

cheaty mc-cheats-a-lot quilt how to!

Forever ago I made this quilt...and promised soon after that I would show you how I did it....and now here I am. :)
For the last one I used a down comforter...full size.  For this tutorial I am using a crib sized one...those lap sized down comforters they sell at Target would be perfect for this too...
So you need a "blank slate" blanket...down is best for making poofy squares. 
Scraps of fabric...size depends on your particular blanket.
Determine the size you want to make your squares...this blanket had 8in squares so I thought 6in squares would look best...
Cut as many squares as you need for your particular blanket...
Play around with the could use a different fabric for each square...or use your kids old t-shirts...or anything...
Then cut out squares of iron on material (I used Wonder Under found at Joanns)
Cut your squares a little smaller than your fabric squares...for my 6in squares I cut 5in squares of backing...
Iron on according to directions...
Arrange your pattern again and iron on...peel paper off first.
Then starting in a along the edge of the square...
when you get to the end of the square...cross the "road" to the other square...
and sew along all edge of that row...when you get to the other end of the blanket...turn the to the edge of that square...turn the corner again and sew down to the other end of the blanket...parallel to the line you just sewed. 
Continue back and forth until you get to the end...
Then...start doing the same in the other direction...if you are doing it in true mc cheats style you will go over some of the stitching you did going the other way...
When you are done you will have sewn around all four sides of each leaving you with nice poofy squares...if you want you could also sew around each square individually.
Perfect puffy cuteness...cheater quilt style. :)
And it's hoho approved. :) 


P.S. the edges will fray...I like that look.  If you don't want this you can zig-zag stitch around the squares. :) 
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